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Rock Hard = Good Time!

As I mentioned before one clear indicator of how much the guys are enjoying themselves is the size, shape and possibly even curvature of their erections. Most importantly - is it HARD? We’ve seen too much BAD PORN where the cock of the guy getting fucked is just flapping up and down. How declasse, not to mention uninspiring. If you’re doing it right, the cock should be at full attention, even when, or should I say, ESPECIALLY when, you got another one of those things up your ass. Here’s a good example from a gay site we like.

The worst is when you see the floppy penis in a bisexual vid. Now this you will never see at BiMaxx. It’s cold and wet here still, and thoughts of going to the spa got me thinking about one of my favorite photo and videos. I love this trio, (the couple pictured get a third to join them) especially seeing the girl sucking down on that huge shaved cock while the other guy pounds his smooth shaved ass. You really must see the video and the awesome cum fountains at the end! BiMaxx rules!


Girl Gangbanged by Shemales!

Woke up thinking about chicks with dicks this morning. Not sure why - maybe an odd dream or something - so I checked up on Shemalemov, one of our fav shemale sites and saw this. Wow! Now, don’t get us wrong, this blog is mainly for all things BISEXUAL, nor have we ever met any passable trannies, but just this concept alone was worth checking out, and it IS damn hot. I think the best part for us in those sites is when it’s a girl and tranny doing it. Or in this case a girl and fourteen shemales! Now THAT’s inventive. Any trannies want to hit us up, drop a line and let’s talk. One at a time though, please, we’re newbies.

Here’s another hot clip of a girl in a threesome with TWO chicks with sticks. Love the two cocks in mouth and those delicious rock-hard shemale cocks which brings me to my next post. (See above)shemale fucks girl

Young porn?

Actually there is a great site called just that, Young Porn, which is very hot - don’t worry, nothing illegal, just a nice bevy of fresh young kids doing the nasty. Does anyone remember these ads from the 1990s for Calvin Klein that were eventually taken off the air? Pretty hot stuff actually, maybe if the guy playing the interviewer didn’t have such a dirty old man sound which makes it both funny and creepy.

OK it’s dirty and the kids are very young but it’s still sorta titillating to us. The blonde kid kind of reminds me of this guy from BiArchive (another awesome site), all grown up and graduated from bi-curious to bi-serious, getting down to some hot & heavy action with a couple, including strapon, double blowjob and assfucking!

And the curly haired guy in the first spot reminds me of a younger J.D. from DareRing! Click here or on the pics for a preview of the hottest game in town!

Rainy Day, Indoor Games

Well, it’s cold and rainy today so no outdoor activities for us. Too bad, the camping pics scenario I wrote about below really got us in the mood for some outdoor perversion, like this smoking hot trio from Biwitched. biwitched-to-use-2-van.jpg

Looks like we’ll have to settle for some indoor fun. Truth or Dare, anyone?

Happy Friday! Let the threesomes begin…

No Friday excitement for us yet…. An after work party, a few pinot grigios and now we are pretty wiped out. Maybe we’ll try to get out of town this weekend. One thing we really enjoy is camping. There’s something that is pretty damn hot about fucking and sucking in the great outdoors. We love tenting and having sex inside a tent but it’s also pretty damn awesome to be naked and have a shag outside. We had a few pretty hot blowjobs with facials in the desert, here in California and Arizona, and plan to do more. One time though, it seemed like the campground was completely empy and we were doing it right in the open. How awesome if another girl or guy saw us and came in to join? Couples in the SoCal area are welcome to drop a line (see “About Us”), in the meantime, here’s a preview of what we have in mind, courtesy of Biwitched! With this awesome threesome, the party begins before they even unfold the Coleman stove!

bi mmf threesome


Not sure if I’ve yet seen a feature DVD with that clever pun thing that I spoke of, but Biwitched is an awesome site that uses the ye olde pun and delivers outstanding bi content. In fact the gritty feel of some of the vids is reminiscent of DareRing, but harder and more guy on guy on girl action. Another awesome site, what can I say? Here’s a sample vid, but there’s hundreds more inside!bi mmf threesome

Tommy D, Fleshbot and Masturbation

Wow, well we just got so wrapped up in checking out the new stuff from DareRing, which we’ve praised in our previous post even though words can’t fully do it justice, that we’ve neglected to add new stuff, which we of course look for, and find, every day.

And if you don’t take our word for, it Fleshbot, not only called us “good folks” but also confirmed that with all our hard work, “the good folks at Bi Sex Land are doing a great job so far of sniffing out the best in hot bi action in mainstream movies, pop culture, hardcore paysites … and yes, porn DVDs that incorporate puns on the word “Bi” into the title.” Thanks, Fleshbot!

Anyway, as mentioned, the new games over at DareRing are incredible and kind of distracted us from posting since we both love porn and love to masturbate… a lot. So apologies for the delay.

I hope you guys and girls have had a look at Tommy D, a new video of whose we just watched. Tommy is awesome with both guys and girls, separate or together. Here’s a hot hot hot threesome with Tommy, a hot chick named Ruby and one of Tommy’s cock-buddies. With Tommy you get the best of both worlds together OR separate - which in itself makes this site unique, and just the way it should be.tommy-dp-pic-to-use.jpg

Dare-Ring Is Awesome!

Have I mentioned how awesome Dare-Ring is? This is like my college dream come true. A bunch of chicks and guys in a room with plenty-o-booze (i.e: inhibition inhibitor) and some really good dares. I’ve played my share of “truth or dare” and definitely partaken of make-out parties (and more), but I don’t know how Dare-Ring keeps on finding these horny college kids. I check the site out pretty regularly and they’re always adding new videos! When I first saw this, it was like entering a new age of porn…I had never seen anything like this and just had to see it all. Our next goal is to set up some parties like this ourselves!


C.R.A.Z.Y. Le Film

So this is a bit off the porn trajectory, but this weekend I watched a great film about bisexuality called C.R.A.Z.Y. The film is about a boy (Zac, played by totally hot Canadian actor Marc-André Grondin ) growing up in 70’s Montreal in a family of 5 brothers. He has certain “tendencies” as a young boy, which his father is competely freaked out by. It’s kind of along the “Brokeback Mountain” vein. Zac tries to deny his budding attraction to boys but can’t resist. There are a few steamy scenes between Zac and his object of affection: his cousin’s mambo dancing boyfriend. The storyline is great, the acting is really good, great soundtrack, all around a great film.133936_movie_crazy.jpg

Speaking of Bimaxx and curly hair…

This is one hot trio. What else can I really say about this? Not a lot except you’re missing out if you don’t see the full video!


One of my favourite couples

OK, so technically Ivana Fuckalot is not a bisexual site. Though if she hangs out with girls and eats pussy, that would make her bisexual, wouldn’t it? I have to admit that I am attracted not only to her, but to her boyfriend as well. He has an awesome cock and I would love love love to join the two of these if I had a chance. Or bring the S.O. and we could have a foursome. Not sure if we’ll see anything that brave from her in the near future, but this trio from Bimaxx sort of somehow reminds me of this couple, or at least the guy with the curly hair did, not sure why…. Did I mention Bimaxx is fucking awesome? I think I may have.


Fast forward to the new millenium…

As a follow-up to my post regarding that retro-70’s style some of us enjoy (I know I do), there’s also glam which is equally good. Among “straight” content I love lesbian and glam girl sites sites like Femjoy and Just Teen Site as much as I like naughtier and dirtier stuff like Dare Ring. What amazes me about Bimaxx however, is the high production values they put into their shoots, not to mention the awesome looking models. When you combine the amazing lighting, photograhy, hair & makeup and out of this world hot guys and girls all licking, sucking and fucking together, you have a recipe for some amazing one handed orgasms. Click on this glamour girl for instance to see what she does with these two boys! The mind reels, the cock swells…bimaxx-blonde.jpg

Three Pillows Update!

While you were sleeping or looking at 30 second clips, in the past two weeks, Three Pillows has added about two dozen NEW galleries of pics and videos. All this stuff is exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else. What are you waiting for? The best way to find the site you will like best is to try it out!

bi mff threesome of bisexual guys fucking a girl together

Speaking of retro…

Here’s a cool clip from a flick that looks like it was done some time ago, maybe when people were freer with their sexuality. Ahhh, the seventies… Love that double blowjob… There’s a tonne of movies here, from the good old days as well as the most recent stuff.

Bisexual Bangers!

I love the retro look of this shoot, it’s got that cool 1970’s feel to it, tube socks, rec room, etc. Did I also mention that the guys and the girl are hot? I also love how they really seem to be enjoying themselves - and I seem to find more of that in bi porn than in other ‘genres’. Why is that, I wonder… Maybe because it’s great to be bisexual? You can see more here.

Last post about GREEN

Happy St. Pat’s again. Going along with the green colour theme, I seem to have found a great one. The girl here is totally hot and so are the guys, and unless I’m colour blind, she’s wearing a green shirt. This is an amazing series of which there is a full video only at Bimaxx where after the first guy cums and sprays the chick’s bush, the other guy grabs the cock and licks and sucks up all the juice off the cock and the freshly fucked pussy.


Someone wore green!

It’s all about green, green, green. I don’t own a single piece of green clothing; the other half does but I was still feeling a bit out-of-the-scene when we went to the pub. And the pub was too loud and crowded and hence, we’re home. Too bad it didn’t have any girls like this serving us! emma-st-pats15.jpg

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Well, ours started off with beer and whiskey a bit on the early side. It’s getting late and we’re tired, might call it an early night. Too bad we’re not in Dublin where according to the news article, one man dressed as St. Patrick in papal hat and sunglasses did the samba, while another float nearby featured “Miss Panty,” Dublin’s premier drag queen. Drag queens aren’t my thing necessarily, though I have seen some pretty hot ones. Unfortunately very little information to be found about Miss Panty, alternatively spelled as Miss Panti. It does seem like she will be holding a pretty funny party which will include a “gayest cake in Dublin” bake-off. OK, we may be bisexual but this might be a little off topic, let me regroup and post something more back to our mutton chops as the saying goes.tdanceposter4.jpg

More Tommy D!

I love this guy. Why? Because he’s just as hot with girls as he is with guys and that’s the way it’s supposed to be, isn’t it? Once you’re done seeing Tommy suck a hard cock and fuck a buddy’s tight asshole, you can also see him pound the hell out of one his girlfriends, either in the ass or pussy and cum on her face or tits… Man, oh man, hot stuff. You can see a preview vid otommydxxx-screencap1.jpgf him with Samantha when you click on the pic or here, but threesomes and moresomes is really where it’s at!tommy-dxxx-sreen-cap2.jpg

Where’s the party?

Though we don’t live in the fabled land known as the Czech republic of which I’ve spoken fondly before maybe we will redouble our efforts to find a party like THIS… and get in on the action…guysgocrazy.jpg

The Weekend is Here, Where are all the Bisexual Couples?

Our plan for the weekend is to find a guy & gal like this. The more the merrier has always been our M.O. Any takers?tn1.jpg

How the party is setup!

People, myself included definitely wonder who the people in these amazing parties are - whether they’re pros or real people (looks damn real to me). I found out it is a mix of paid models and real people who get invited for free. Then as the paid models start getting into it, everyone loosens up and before you know it - click here or on the pic to see! Hot as hell. bisexual orgy party

American Bi

How did I nearly miss this one? While the porn industry usually comes up with very clever take offs of Hollywood titles, the quality of the film itself can be debatable. Not in this case! Only reading the description from the Production company resulted in instant woody: Just when you thought a blowjob couldn’t get any more exciting, we went and changed the formula on you. Take a sexy, persuasive girl and her boyfriend, mix in a hungry male mouth, and you have a brand new recipe. Director Panama Jackson has brought together some of the sexiest girls around, including contract star Roxy Jezel and sexual dynamo Tory Lane, with some of the hottest dudes Los Angeles has to offer. We guarantee you haven’t seen these girls do anything like this before. bisex mmf threesome american-bi two mouths one dick two guys one chick

I Wonder What She’s Thinking?

This looks like a girl who really enjoys herself. The question is, what does she like better? Watching her boyfriend suck one hard cock? Or watching her boyfriend watch HER suck two hard cocks?


Let’s Reclaim the C-Word! And the S-D Word!

This has always bothered me, but why is it that something that “sucks dick” is supposed to mean it’s bad?  What can be BAD about sucking dick? Come on, people, let’s change the world. From now on, if anything “sucks dick” that means it’s AWESOME. And cocksucker should be used as a laudatory term for our finest men and women!

What are the others watching?

Wow! I just had a peek at Biarchive  to see the “Most Downloaded Scenes” and it seems like people have damn fine taste. Still one of my fav sites and to see what’s getting everyone hot got me an instant hardon. Here’s a preview clip I found particularly titillating…. See what this blonde and her boyfriend do with another guy by clicking on the pic!biarchive-for-post801.jpg

Hot Bisexual Orgy Music Video!

I don’t know how I stumbled across this one but here’s a hot hot hot music video for Spanish pop star Enrique del Pozo.

The Wikipedia article on that link is only en Castellano - desculpe por favor if you can’t read Spanish - but check out this video. Why can’t we have something spinning like this on the telly? No one seems to have pushed the boundaries since Madonna’s bullshit a while back - although maybe Britney will pull another stunt and next time instead of shaving her head she’ll stick a U-shaped double dildo in her pussy and ass in front of papparazzi. Now that I would like to see. In the meantime, enjoy:

Some Free Advice…

Courtesy of Club Bisexual!


There is Something Else Than Being Straight or Gay

Most people believe that they are either straight or gay. Don’t make the mistake of assuming there are only 2 options to choose from. Bisexuality is an option in its own right.

It is a Sexual Orientation

The term “sexual orientation” is used to refer to sexual feelings. Heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual is a part of what people are. Thus, bisexuality is a sexual orientation in which an individual feels sexual attraction towards both men and women.

Bisexuality is Part of Everyone

Let’s face it, people are not always what we perceive them to be. The reality is that many people are bisexual and that bisexuality is a genuine, valid sexual orientation. The famous “Kinsey scale” (see image below) invented by Alfred Kinsey in the late 40’s presents the idea that most people fall somewhere between 0 (totally heterosexual) and 6 (totally homosexual) on a sexual “preference” continuum. Kinsey’s scale suggested that “heterosexual” and “homosexual” are not opposites, but rather two possible positions on this continuum of sexual “preference”. Alfred Kinsey broke many barriers by studying sexual habbits on a large scale.

Sex for Sex is Good

There are two reasons why you made your way to this website. First, you enjoy watching porn. Second, bisexual porn is the one that turns you on. If sex is good, what does gender matter? The bisexual porn world creates the best possibilities of hardcore intercourse. ClubBisexual has been built on that thinking and now provides the most varied collection of bisexual movies on the net.


Now that you know what’s what, go here…

More New Vids at Club Bisexual!

Speaking of Annie, if you haven’t yet signed up for Club Bisexual, what are you waiting for? Look, the only real way to find a good site that you enjoy is to try one. I remember the first time I actually paid for porn and my mind was BLOWN. If you’re just surfing for free content you will get the TIP of the iceberg. Not even the tip of the PENIS. This site is incredible, always adding new stuff, and there’s a mind and load blowing vid of Annie sucking cock with yet two different guys along with more strapon action, and even squirting!anniecruz.jpg

Annie Cruz!

In case you can’t tell, I’m doing all the wannie cruz in bi mmf threesomeork for you, trying to find the best bisexual porn. My internet research has led me to find that the Asian Strapon Girl I mentioned before (she’s Filipina actually) is hot little pervert named Annie Cruz. I can’t say I have an Asian fetish, Yellow Fever or whatever you want to call it but I love this chick, partly because she seems like a real down and out perv, which is awesome. She suck a mean dick, take in the ass and returns the favor, fucks guys, fucks girls, bondage, s&m, you name it, there seems to be nothing that she won’t do. Amazing stuff! Lucky for us she has her own website!