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Prison made him gay? What else is new…

Looks like gay and bisexual news of the weird is all over the place this week. Today we learned that a certain Ali Humayun of Sydney, Australia, is really, really confused. But get this, he’s also a Christian.

“A MAN seeking asylum on the grounds that he would be persecuted as a bisexual Christian in Pakistan was denied refugee status because authorities ruled he was bisexual only as a result of being locked up with other men.”

Wait, there’s more. “At the time of his tribunal hearing, he identified as bisexual, but now said he was gay.”

Read the full article hereBisexual threesome with cops and army guys and girls. Tragic or funny, you be the judge (we’re cracking up as we write this) but maybe poor Ali would have been better off if he had a blonde pussy girl as one of the prison guards to help him out so he’d still stay nominally bisexual and not full out gay. But if he’s full blown, all the power to him. Maybe prison was just what he needed!

Sex with two guys at once is every girl’s major fantasy, isn’t it?

We’ve talked about the bi-sexual openness of the Brazilians, the Czechs, and the Spaniards before. Now it looks like even stodgy old Northern Ireland is catching up, and in mainstream media too! Check out this hot editorial from Catherine Townsend of the Belfast Telegraph where she freely admits that a bisexual MMF threesome is what she’s always wanted. How awesome is that?

“He told me that he’d recently kissed a friend of his, a gorgeous rugby player who I’ve met, and thought about going further. I wasn’t sure how much I would be able to handle, but having two men has always been a major fantasy of mine – and picturing the two of them together got me hot…”

And this was in the equivalent of the LA Times Op-Ed. Damn! Read more here.

We’re hoping there’s a sequel next week where she let’s us know what happens with the threesome she has planned! Wow. Here’s a link to the full article in case the newspaper link goes obsolete.

Pegging is the New Term for Women Fucking Men with Strapons

Does everything in the world have a wikipedia article or what? In case you’re not familiar with the term, male receptive strapon penetration has recently acquired the term “pegging”. You can read all about it’s history here. Well, we woke up feeling a bit peckish this morning. Maybe it was that tea kettle that got us thinking it’s time to strap on one soon. Inspiration was quickly found at Club Bisexual, where some of the new content got us rarin’ to go, especially watching this beautiful black girl fucking her boyfriend with a strapon.guy sucks chick's big black strapon

By the way, if you’re interested in Bend Over Boyfriend, which they talk about in that wikipedia article, you can check it out at Gamelink, and as we wrote before about video on demand, it’s a great way to check out a lot of content before committing to something specific (you pay for the minutes, not for one specific video - kind of like a phone card).


Bi Winter Wonderland

Sometimes I get a little anal (*ahem*) trying to find the names of the guys and girls in some of these videos. Some internet research helped us find Felippe Hrabik, but who is the blonde guy on the cover getting all this attention from a brunette couple in this flick? The cover says it stars Jerry Zikes, but I don’t think that’s him. More research is in order.bi blonde guy in threesome with brunette couple

The New Erotic Photography!

Time to take a break from being potty mouthed porn reviewers and get a little artsy, at least for a minute. Though we didn’t win much in Vegas, I think this weekend we’ll be going to the Taschen shop to pick up their new release of “The New Erotic Photography“. Their blurb reads:

“Imagine walking into a room filled with the world’s finest contemporary erotic photographers, each with a portfolio of his or her best work. As you browse the photographs they discuss inspiration, censorship, how to find models, and how to make a living capturing beautiful women on film and in pixels.
The New Erotic Photography is the room, and 82 photographers from 14 countries are the hosts of this intimate gathering. In this 608 page volume you will meet Ralph Gibson, Jan Saudek, Terry Richardson, Natacha Merritt, Petter Hegre, Richard Kern, Bob Carlos Clarke, Thomas Karsten and the many fresh new talents currently redefining eroticism. Playful, provocative and exuberantly sexy, these aren’t your granddad’s art nudes; this is The New Erotic Photography.”


We’ve been fans of Petter Hegre, Richard Kern and Didier Carre for a while (click on the links for their websites), but some of those names are unfamiliar. However, I think this tea kettle by Bob Carlos Clarke did it for us. We want one!


Vegas, baby? Maybe!

We’re back. But since everything that happens in Vegas stays there, not sure how much we can or should reveal. The good news is that it’s still the same - you can cut the sexual tension with a knife! More in a bit while we recuperate.

In the meantime, looking far and wide for bisexual content in both mainstream and “adult” worlds, we came across this Brazilian commercial. We did mention that we love Brazil, remember? We love how open they are about it and hate how we in the US are not. This is a network commercial for crying out loud! Can you believe it? That is why this blog is kind of a mission. Check it out, it’s pretty funny and not necessarily related to the threesome vids from Spain, but hey, as said, we search far and wide. As far as total sexual freedom is concerned, the USA has a long way to go. In the meantime, stay tuned to our blog, boys and girls.

Swinging both ways is what bisexuals do! Let’s party!

We’re off to Vegas tomorrow for some partying. Will let you know how it goes. Will it be like this? Or this? I don’t know but we’re going to look far and wide for it and get back at you with the results. Of course there’s always something to be said for a more intimate sex party with adult games. We might not have the time to update for a few days so we’ll leave you with some cumshots just for fun. We talked about Tommy D’s awesome ejaculations before. Just to tie you over, here’s Tommy cumming on a guy, and here’s Tommy cumming on a girl. Tommy is our kind of guy! And if you’re more in the mood for that swapping cum part, which we find extremely erotic, here’s a great vid of two French girls French-kissing with cum in their mouths. More to cum in a few days. Enjoy.

Freshmen Bisexual Initiation

Ahh, to be back in college with all that experimentation with drugs and bisexuality. Like those college kids at Dare Ring. Oh to be young again. Well, we’re a bit past college age, and that’s what porn is for. AEBN’s huge selection of bi videos keeps getting bigger and better and we wbisexual-initiation.jpgere very much aroused by this title which we haven’t seen before. Check out the previews and wack, I mean, wax nostalgic…

Weekend Update: we’re still waiting for an MMFF Bisexual Tryst

Well, the weekend was a bit of a dud, but we’re not giving up. More details later but basically the couple we were meeting canceled, but we ended up busy as well. We were so excited to meet this twosome I wonder if we wouldn’t have jumped right in like this trio from Bisexual Bangers. Love the looks on everyone’s faces - the redhead and her guy look like they’re having as much fun as the guy they’re blowing together and that’s a damn good sign! He he…

Estamos enamorado con Daniel Zueras!

We’re moving to Spain. We posted about an awesome bisexual music video a few weeks back. Now we’ve got another one. Seems like a lad named Daniel Zueras, who was a contestant on the Spanish version of American Idol just relesed his first music video and we gotta tell you, it’s almost better than porn. Well, almost. See for yourself. Seems like this is both ruffling feathers and titillating the Spaniards. Someone should do a bi sex porn video with as much class as this. Well, some have come close (Bimaxx for starters) and we’ll be posting about our favs as well as new releases. In the meantime, if this doesn’t get you hot, you’re either dead, blind or 100% straight (the latter is an impossibility as fr as we’re concerned). PS - You can turn off the sound if you’re not into cheesy Euro-pop.

Daniel Zueras

Weekend Foursome? Perhaps…

Happy friday! Keeping it short today as we have a hot date with a bisexual couple - we’ll see what happens but we’re checking out some naughty foursome action on Bimaxx for ideas and to get us in the mood…bimaxx-foursome-01.jpg

Tommy’s cumshots

We’ve posted quite a bit on one of our personal favs, Tommy D. Tommy is a real bisexual and has sex with guys and girls, together and separate, which is what we bisexuals do. Did we mention that Tommy is hot as hell, whether he’s sucking on a hard cock or getting his cock sucked by a hot chick?

Here’s two awesome cumshots from Tommy handsome member. Here he cums in a girls mouth, and here he sprays one of his blowjob buddies with a very far reaching stream of jizz. Impressive, and mouth watering. See more of Tommy here.

tommy d bisexual porn star cums on guys and girls

Something different: strapon in a FFM threesome

Hope everyone is having a tolerable Monday. To make it even more tolerable, or perhaps even great, check out this two-girls-and-a-guy threesome from Club Bisexual…with a strapon twist!ffm threesome with strapon movie

It’s snowing all year long at these parties

You are most likely familiar with the term “snowballing”, which according to Wikipedia is defined as “The erotic practice of two persons french-kissing with semen in their mouths. Also known as cumswapping.” You have probably seen it in so-called straight porn (since two girls doing it are somehow considered ’straight porn’, why I have no idea). But have you ever seen a girl get cum in her mouth from one guy and spit it into the mouth of the other guy she’s fucking? How about a guy sucking off a hard cock and swapping the cum with his girlfriend? This stuff is rare even for bisexual porn, and Bimaxx has it in spades! Check out the previews.cumswapping bisexual orgy

Bi Fashion Review & Randy Blue

Bi Fashion is an awesome flick! The girls and the guys are gorgeous, the production values outstanding and yet again, one thing we love about it is how the performers genuinely seem to be having a kick-ass time. There’s lots of guy on guy, girl on girl, strapons (on both girls and guys), and plenty of cum! Also, that chick on the cover has HUGE tits and we love her! You can purchase it (or rent the whole bisexual library by the minute) at Gamelink. And you can also check out the amazing trailer on Randy Blue!bi-fashion orgy movie

You may or may not be familiar with Randy Blue, but they not only have a tonne of awesome gay & bi original content but also have great DVDs. All depends on which end of the Kinsey scale you’re teetering on today, I guess. If you’re veering towards ‘mostly gay’, check out this circle jerk video. Happy Friday, more later or tomorrow.

Awesome new amateur Site! College threesomes and more!

Instant hard-on, instant orgasms for all. Just found what seems to be a brand-new site, with UNBELIEVABLY hot amateur content. It’s called Private College Porn, and man is it hot. I kid you not - never had, never shall. How amateur is it? Well, it doesn’t have the whole reality tv aspect that DareRing has. But let’s just say we already fucked and came twice after watching the AMAZING threesome vid, a preview of which you can see here. This is a straight site, but judging from this video, just barely so - and as mentioned before… repeat after me… bisexual means attracted to BOTH sexes. This is one is as cheap to join as DareRing, only $20 for a month and features blowjobs, threesomes, lots of masturbation, you name it. But believe us, the quality of the content is amazing. This MMF threesome in particular is what got us to join. There is something so sexual, sensual, hot, and for lack of a better word, taboo, about kissing another person while fucking or getting fucked and there’s a lot of that in this vid. If you haven’t experienced it, you can see plenty of it here. If you have, here’s something to relive your experiences while waiting for the next threesome, foursome or whatever your next sexcapades bring you. Hell, it’s worth signing up just to see this vid alone!amateur college threesome with double vaginal in a dorm room

Three Pillows Update!

If you’re not familiar with ThreePillows, boy are you missing out, but we won’t bust your balls about that here. Just a quick note to let you know that ThreePillows constantly updates with new exclusive material and the news for the week du jour is:

  • Seven new galleries including EXCLUSIVE new M/M/F Bi pics!
  • New M/M/F Straight and M/M Videos.
  • A New M/M/F Bi story.
  • And a new M/M/F Bi Audio Story too.

Of course they do this pretty much each week, that’s why it’s AWESOME. Here’s a preview gallery to whet your appetite but be warned - if you think you’ve seen this stuff before, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. With exclusive sites like this, you won’t find Three Pillows content all over the net. If you do, it’s the tiny tiny tip of the iceberg. As the Eskimos say, you gotta be Inuit to win it. Oh and also, a little birdy told me that there might be more videos posted on DareRing…VERY soon… Don’t know DareRing? It’s a brand new site and a must-see. But let’s get back to our mutton chops and enjoy the latest from ThreePillows.

Dannielynn has two daddies. Really, just two.

In case you’re not sick of the post-mortem feeding frenzy surrounding Anna-Nicole Smith, here’s the latest bombshell about the dead bombshell. National Enquirer, our most trustworthy news source after Fleshbot, today dropped the bomb that Larry Birkhead, who won the paternity battle over Smith’s baby girl identified as bisexual. A certain model named Kerrick Ross said: “He apparently had sex with Anna Nicole and fathered her baby, but there is no question: He also had sex with me!” Well, he IS good looking. But I was hoping it would be Zsa Zsa’s husband who would come out. It also writes that “While Kerrick says Birkhead was inexperienced at gay sex, he found out later that he’d stolen Larry from another man!” And we DID find out from Anna Nicole’s diaries that she “hated sex”. Click on the pic for the full story.


Hot NEW Site: Evan Rivers!

We were pleased as punch today to discover a BRAND NEW site today from the folks you brought you the very entertaining and very erotic Baitbus. It’s called Evan Rivers after the star of the site, a very yummy 23 year old gay guy from Miami. Mostly guy-on-guy action here definitely some bi content, with more to come. I find it especially exciting when joining a site dedicated to one model to watch the progress and see what the next update will bring! Too gay, you say? Take a look at Evan’s welcome video and then tell me you need pussy… Well, okay, we need pussy too, and lots of it, but Evan ROCKS! Check out the threesome vid here, but there’s way more hot stuff inside!


The Bi Apple and VOD (video on demand)

How did we miss this one? The Bi Apple apparently came out in February. While we search far and wide for the best possible bisexual porn out there, somehow this hot new release got overlooked. And it’s got everything - bi MMF, lesbians, dildos, strapons, interracial, all with a unique kind of grungy NYC feel to it. Check out the preview vid on Fleshbot here. And buy it or do VOD here. For those of you unfamiliar with VOD - it’s like Pay-Per-View but better - you pay for the minutes - and you can browse and watch their ENTIRE selection of vids. Now, with a variety of VOD sites, which one do you choose? Well, first of all, since you’re paying for the minutes you can try out several options but in our opinion Gamelink has an outstanding collection of bisexual porn. And we would never recommend any site that hasn’t gotten us off! AEBN is another great site, but it’s really up to you to choose which flicks they have and which guys and girls you like better. Enjoy!bi-apple-box.jpg

Dare Ring Update

You may have noticed from previous posts that we can’t fully restrain our excitement about DareRing. Well that’s because there’s a reason for it. It can’t get any better than being a fly on the wall watching real, and I mean REAL amateurs trying group sex for the first time. The rules say they can’t say no to the dares, so if you’re a girl who’s never licked pussy before, or a guy who’s never sucked cock there’s nothing you can do but go along! Here’s a preview from Game 9. Oh, btw, the update is that they just changed some techy stuff so the downloads are twice as fast. You see? I was getting carried away with excitement!

amateur truth or dare orgy with dick sucking action and dyking out

Bisexual AND Interracial

Something different today to spice up your Thursday, a nice preview vid from Bisexplanet of a big titted blonde getting it on with a white guy and black guy. Oh, and the white guy and the black guy get it on as well. Love it! Especially the final triple orgasm as the guys jack off on her while she plays with her pussy! HOT! Take the tour if you like this kind of stuff, much more inside!


Mia’s Threesome

A bit of a groggy day but nothing that a little porn won’t make better. You may recall the lovely Mia Moore from this amazing foursome shoot from Explicite, one of the sites we subscribe to and always will because it’s just too damn good. You may recall her in a hot fuck session with one of Explicite’s boys. And now, we get to see her sucking on two big cocks, shoving both of them in her mouth at the same time, and even getting a double penetration. Well, the guys don’t blow each other outright in this series but I have a feeling that the brilliant John B. Root will cross that threshold pretty soon, God willing. In the meantime there’s hardly a ’straight’ site (we’re still not sure why lesbians count as straight) that comes close to such unique combo of nastiness and glamour! Every new update is like getting some all natural Viagra in the mail! And when you see this beautiful French girl’s face completely soaked in cum from two different cocks… words can no longer describe the beauty and excitement!. Sweet dreams!.french girl gets two cocks in her mouth and swallows cum

Back From the White Party…Sort of…

OK we’re back from Palm Springs. Apologies for the delay in our posts. To be truthful, we didn’t go to the Wyndham, where the famous White Party was held. We preferred to stay at our rented condo and have sex in the desert heat - which is always great - and remember, we’re BIsexuals. So there. However, the thought of some amazing gay party action definitely put some starch in our shorts… so to speak (we weren’t wearing shorts, or anything else for that matter). But if the party was anything like THIS VIDEO… we would have jumped right in!bimaxx-gay-party16-cropped.jpg

In the meantime, and until they welcome both guys AND girls in on the orgy they euphemistically call the White Party, check out the amazing previews of Bimaxx. And anyway, you can also throw your own party - like truth or dare perhaps?bimax-orgy10cropped.jpg

More tomorrow. We also watched some hot bi videos this weekend which we will be giving a full review. Even posting this is getting us hot and it’s time for a quickie before bed as we have to work tomorrow! Bi guys, bi girls. united we stand, united we shag!

White Party!

PALM SPRINGS — The world’s hottest men descend on the desert valley for an unforgettable weekend, in the most gorgeous spot on Earth! Grab your shorts and shades and get ready to celebrate the rites of spring as Jeffrey Sanker presents White Party Spring Break ’07, with three days and nights of legendary parties, April 6-9, in Palm Springs, CA.

So my neighbor, a filmmaker who used to be a model and worked at a gay bar in West Hollywood told me about this shindig that goes down every Spring Break in Palm Springs - The White Party (i.e. where the boys are). He told me about this a few weeks ago and when we planned to go Palm Springs for the weekend, I had no idea we were planning to go the very weekend this White Party happens, really. Mind you, it’s a VERY gay scene. And we will be there - well, close by. This party’s been happening for a few years now. I just hope there are guys walking around in tight bathing suits with the tip of their dick hanging out, as is the fashion in Miami, swear - I’ve seen it with my own eyes. And it is HOT!

Here’s some pics from last years party:

img_0656.gif wyndhampool.gif


Butt plug too big? Wow!

Just re-watched the latest game from Darering, and it seems I missed the part where the girls are talking and the Asian chick (who is so innocent looking at the start of the game) talks about how her butt-plug was too big! Maybe she should take some lessons from our buddy Tommy D, who not only fucks girls AND guys in the ass but can take a huge cock or a strapon himself in turn. (We love Tommy! Scroll down for some previews of him). Anyway, this is one of the awesome things about this site which makes it unique: you actually enjoy listening to the candid dialogue as opposed to the too common overdubs of oohs and aahs during the bump & grind. Hey, it’s TRUTH and DARE after all. Although the dare parts of course are the best, like when you finally see her mouth wrapped over a nice shaved pussy, sucking and licking away. And the huge double dildo? Mamma mia! Or when the girls dare the guys to suck each other’s cocks? Wow! A little bird told me more games are coming soon - can’t wait!

amateur college kids play truth or dare and lick pussy for the first time

Two Threesomes and a Twosome

It’s almost the weekend, so here’s some stuff to tie you over before the sexcapades begin.

1. Our fav bisexual porno star Tommy D, in a threesome with a girl and a bud. (You have to check out them sucking cock together - hot hot hot)!
Tommy, Ruby & Tim

2. A scorching lesbian couple from another of our fav sites, Explicite! Yummy!Expicite Video

3. Another sweaty steamy Czech menage-a-trois with two beefy guys and a slick small titted brunette from Bimaxx! Click on the pic for the preview. The video in the Member’s Area is even better - especially the shared cumshot!BiMaxxx

We LOVE Tommy D!

Every new video on Tommy’s site gets the cock hard and the pussy wet. Tommy is a REAL BISEXUAL. Remember the motto - that means being attracted to BOTH sexes. If you need to measure yourself, scroll down for the Bisexual Scale, which I wrote about before. With somewhat less emphasis than other sites on threesomes and groups, (although there’s plenty of group sex to keep your respective dicks hard and pussies moist), you get to see what Tommy does best - having hot steamy sex with both guys and girls, mostly separate, sometimes together. You have to check it out!

In the first set you can see a preview of Tommy and a hot JO buddy fucking, while in the next one, Tommy’s giving the same hard treatment to a hot chick! How do we meet this guy?



Are you bait?

Here’s a little known fact about sites like Bangbus, that present themselves as “reality” sites where they actually do drive around picking up slutty girls, boning them in the van, giving them a hundred bucks and then kicking them out on the side of the road (pretty funny stuff, actually). The thing is, though scripted (FYI, even reality tv is scripted), they really ARE pretty close to the truth. Since they’re shot in Florida, where the porn scene is growing but still small nonetheless, many of these girls ARE newbies giving a go at porn stardom which they can’t sustain in FL and after the episode is shot are, for the most part, metaphorically speaking, kicked out of the van. Cruel, funny or both? You be the judge; for me I’m a firm believer in personal responsibility… Anyway we won’t go there as you’re here to be entertained. I personally love their work!


Now, their bi-curious site, Baitbus, is also hilarious and a different story altogether because for the life of me I don’t know where they find their male actors. Having said that, if I was hitch-hiking and saw their “bait”, Cameron, (the awesome blonde below), I’d pretty much do whatever she asked for - not just taking a strap-on dildo up my ass like the equally cute blonde GUY does, but go along with “old switcharoo”. If you’re not familiar with this site, I urge you to take a look. Funny and very very sexy! Enjoy the preview vids!


Bath Time!

Actually, it may be a little late for the spa, so how about maybe just a nice hot bath, all three of us. Anyone up for itbisex mmf threesome in the bath?