OK we’re back from Palm Springs. Apologies for the delay in our posts. To be truthful, we didn’t go to the Wyndham, where the famous White Party was held. We preferred to stay at our rented condo and have sex in the desert heat - which is always great - and remember, we’re BIsexuals. So there. However, the thought of some amazing gay party action definitely put some starch in our shorts… so to speak (we weren’t wearing shorts, or anything else for that matter). But if the party was anything like THIS VIDEO… we would have jumped right in!bimaxx-gay-party16-cropped.jpg

In the meantime, and until they welcome both guys AND girls in on the orgy they euphemistically call the White Party, check out the amazing previews of Bimaxx. And anyway, you can also throw your own party - like truth or dare perhaps?bimax-orgy10cropped.jpg

More tomorrow. We also watched some hot bi videos this weekend which we will be giving a full review. Even posting this is getting us hot and it’s time for a quickie before bed as we have to work tomorrow! Bi guys, bi girls. united we stand, united we shag!

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