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Who are we? We are a real BISEXUAL couple who love porn and erotica; and of course REAL SEX in all the shapes and forms it takes. We have been looking at porn on line for a while but found a missing niche: Bisexual erotica… REAL bisexual sex - and decided to try our hand at blogging to see where it takes us in fame, notoriety, personal satisfaction, or just for the “fuck of it”.

nutella3.jpgSo stay tuned and come back often. And if you’re a hairless, slim, under 40 couple who would want to get together with us, maybe we can contact each other. I’m not posting any pics of us on this site yet.. but since some of you have asked what we look like, I do bear a strong resemblance to Nutella.

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  1. Hey guys…just wanted to say thank you I guess for existing really. Sites like yours help to validate my feelings about my own sexuality and make me feel less of an outsider. I’m too scared to tell anyone i’m bisexual in case they just assume that that means gay which I know i’m not.

    Keep it up.


    Norwich (UK)

  2. love your blog :)

    super HOT


  3. Just had to say it’s really great to see another couple so open and comfortable with their sexuality. My wife and I have certainly been enjoying the openness ourselves. Thanks for a great site. If you ever get to NYC give us a shout.

  4. jqgeqlgozw says:

    Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! ovldqljbihstdi

  5. Hot! I am so excited to learn of this blog. You are doing a lot to help Bi couples everywhere. Keep up the great work.

    Do consider an adventure into BDSM sometime…it goes great with bisex because it teaches you to negotiate and define clear boundaries. These are good skills for bi and poly couples. My blog says lesbian but I am a bisexual who identifies as a bi-dyke, and I have shared some personal experiences there to illustrate my point.

  6. hi, man,

    Could we exchange links?


  7. Hi guys

    Thanks for keeping the site up to date - totally agree that there isn’t enough bisex stuff out there; this is a great resource.

  8. Hey guys!

    Thanks for a great site!!!!

  9. hi!

    Wow…is all I can say!

    I luuuv this website. Having viewed your website for about a month now I am convinced, as a 30 something bi curious horny male, that i now want to be involved in the bisexual threesome type stuff that i see on your website… I love it!!!!!!Great!!!


  10. Michelle Taylor says:

    I really like your website, as a couple your both so open about your bisexuality and that is great. Our culture is so hypocritical, for its ok for us women to be bi but for men its not accepted much at all, a guy is supposed to be either straight or gay… stupid! So its really cool to see more bisexual websites like yours on the net for we are misunderstood by both the queer and hetro communities and we should be out and proud!

    I must say that as a transwoman who is also bi I find the term used in porn for transsexual women (shemales) offensive when it is used as an umbrella term for all transwomen. So next time you include an article about transwomen could you pretty please refer to us as either transsexual or transgendered women? Anyway, keep up the work of spreading “the good word” about bisexuals, for bi is best!


  11. Just discovered I have a thing for chicks with dicks. Thanks for a site where I can feel good about it. Never knew it was so popular. I love it. Thanks loads. Glenn

  12. Peter, I sent you an email.

  13. Cream Pie for the Straight Guy check it out its so fun to try cum inside her then lick it out my gf always wonders i love t go down after i blow we watchd this together now she knows lol

  14. I love to drink a guys cum when Im wearing a tight shiny rubber outfit with sexy high heel boots. Love to lick pussy too. Let me know what you like.

  15. Hi Dick. We like a lot of things but your comment makes sounds positively vanilla, LOL!

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