…but we’ll be back very soon. What kind of games? Well, something like this:

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Stay tuned…

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Happy holidays! Hope there will lots of bisexual group sex fun this year! We had a little romp up in poly sex city, San Francisco this New Year’s and it was a lot of fun. We’ll be sharing some naughty bits with everyone as soon as we recuperate!

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We’re not fans of Kevin Smith and won’t be going to see his Zack and Miri movie. Instead we’re going to revisit the cute amateur couples at Sell Your Sex Tape like Amanda and Zack, among the dozens of real amateur exhibitionist couples who did just what Zack and Miri do - make their own porno and sell it. Elizabeth Banks is a hottie but we don’t really care about seeing Seth Rogen’s weenie. Instead fantasize about a foursome with any of the cute couples on this sexiest of sites. This is the real deal! Maybe the site owner should expand and ask for some group sex vids with bisexual action the way he originally started with Dare Ring!

cute amateur couples make their own sex tapes to sell like zack and miri

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My husband pointed out a column in Esquire that asked if women like to watch gay porn. The answer was interesting. Basically it said: yes and no, with some disagreements but the point was that in straight porn, usually all you see is the guy’s dick, whereas in gay porn, gay guys like to see more of the models: face, body, butt, etc. I would have to agree. I enjoy gay porn myself, although I must say that good bisexual porn is superior mostly because all the people are so damn good looking! Just like us! ;-)

good looking bisexual couple have a threesome with another guy

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Never having done a bisexual foursome with a gay male couple, I’ve only seen the MMMF thing in porn and always thought that somehow there was an odd man out. This “three on one” Guiness commercial however, might change our minds about it. Possibly the best beer commercial ever made! Watch the whole thing, it’s short and hilarious and sexy! And inspiring, LOL!

There are instances where the MMMF three guys one girl thing works pretty well, as in this hot scenario with three grungy indie looking bi-curious guys and one hot chick from this bi-curious site!

three bisexual guys fuck one hot girl in a mmmf foursome, three guys on one chick

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We recently came across the term “Lucky PIerre” and a bit of internet research reveals that Pierre is indeed lucky because he’s the guy in the middle when you’re doing a bisexual bump and grind in a MMF menage a trois where everyone gets penetrated at once, and I’m not talking about a girl sucking the other guy’s dick while she’s getting fucked. Pierre is getting it in his ass from a guy while fucking another girl. And shudder to think all this time we’ve been watching bisexual porn and practicing our own porn like scenarios we just heard the term. Here’s an example of a Lucky Pierre with a very hot chick and two guys! Of course, it’s not for the novice, but this gorgeous girl jumps right into it with vim and vigor! I wish I knew this model’s name so we could find more of her porn.

lucky pierre is when a guy is fucking a guy who is fucking a girl in a bisexual mmf train

Of course a more advanced version would be if EVERYONE is getting/doing anal. That for some reason is rarer to find in porn. Something we would love to see is the longest possible bisexual train - how many people can be fucking other people like a train in one line. This would be fun with strapons too! Porn producers, are you reading this?

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It’s time we changed around the look of this site; let us know what you think of the new layout once it cums up. Speaking of changing looks, we recently discovered the website of “Katie-Ann, Teen Crossdresser“. Always on the lookout for new stuff and sexperimentation (with the possible exception of fisting (see below), Katie Ann has got to be one of the best looking crossdressers I’ve seen. And most crossdressers are straight, or so I heard, but Katie seems to be bisexual. Still yet to experience a threesome with a crossdressing male but we’re open!

teen crossdresser porn from katie ann the crossdresser

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Remember when fisting was all the rage? Me neither, but I do remember than in some dens of iniquity like New York and San Francisco, “porn positive” folks like Tristan Taormino and Annie Sprinkle would talk about fisting ad nauseaum (no pun intended). Now pussy fisting might be fun and relatively easy to do, depending on the fist and the pussy, but anal fisting just brings up memories of the rough trade flick “Cruising” with Al Pacino. Of course, we hve been enjoying the lesbian fisting porn brought to us by explicite for years now, but we were surprised when Bimaxx decided to throw in a BISEXUAL fisting threesome. Odd perhaps, but definitely pushing the boundaries, as well as pushing in the stools! Now that’s what we call a “Fistful of Love”!

bisexual mmf fisting lesson from bimaxx where a girl and a guy fistfuck another guy

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Where’s the bisexual MMF porn, they asked recently in a article titled “Where’s all the Bi Guy Porn” on alt-sex blog Boinkology. To paraphrase Kyle McLachlan and Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet: It’s right here, Frank. Do you want me to bring it? NO I want you to fuck it! Shit yeah, bring the fuckin’ bi guy porn.

bi guy porn threesome

The chick in the middle holding two cocks looks and reminds me of me. But I digress. We found it interesting and great that there was more renewed interest in bi porn but thought the author lacked some key information. For one thing, the author wrote “you have scads of strange Europeanmovies that make the cliches of 80s porn look positively erotic.” Au contraire, mon frere! European bisexual porn is the best out there - the hottest guys and the most gorgeous girls. I think the reason for this is because European men are much more open to being bisexual; which also addresses your point about the prevalence of tranny porn in the American market but I’ll get to that in a minute. First of all, how can you possibly compare this sizzling bisexual action with the ‘cliches  of 80’s porn’? Come on! Surely you jest! These people are hot as hell, and everybody’s ass is up for grabs!

bisexual menage a trois

Another gorgeous brunette and two hot guys with beautiful cocks all licking, sucking and ass fucking. Can’t get better than that. OK, then the author goes on to say he wishes there was more “indie porn” with and for bi-guys. I get it now. Problem solved. Get thee to Straight Boys Fucking. Despite the title, these guys are very far from straight, and they’re all your indie, punky NYC kids that have no problem with sucking an occasional cock as long as there’s a girl involved. Which makes them indie porn bi guys, just as requested. Enjoy!

bisexual boys in brooklyn having a mmf threesome with a hot slutty girl who loves bi guys

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OK, we’ve been slacking, and that happens to everyone, even bisexual couples so forgive us. We’ve been rather busy lately with not only bisexual sexual activity but a bunch more stuff. Well, we haven’t been gone as long as the Danish Couple. Glad to hear that they’re back in full bi-force, btw! In the next few weeks we are going to revamp the site and make it more of a bisexual couples’ site to get together, shoot the shit, look at porn, fantasize, and hopefully make those bisexual fantasies a reality. So it’s cumming soon, guys and gals, just hold on to your respective or irrespective genitals! We recently discovered a new bisexual site called “Bi Porn Stars“which seems just in its infancy but is trying to catalogue all the guys and gals who do bi porn. A very worthy project if you ask us!

Bi Porn Stars, bisexual dating And Bisexland WILL Be Back!

Of course professional bisexual porn is awesome, and this site is building up the biggest resource of porn guys and girls who do it with both sexes, separately or together. There is of course lots to be said for wanna be porn stars and true amateurs. But both are good. So stay tuned, we are coming back in true bi force. BTW, this new site also has a live bisexual chat, maybe you can hook up with a bi couple, who knows? We haven’t been doing any bi dating lately but now that we’re in full swing we might!

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