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Remember when fisting was all the rage? Me neither, but I do remember than in some dens of iniquity like New York and San Francisco, “porn positive” folks like Tristan Taormino and Annie Sprinkle would talk about fisting ad nauseaum (no pun intended). Now pussy fisting might be fun and relatively easy to do, depending on the fist and the pussy, but anal fisting just brings up memories of the rough trade flick “Cruising” with Al Pacino. Of course, we hve been enjoying the lesbian fisting porn brought to us by explicite for years now, but we were surprised when Bimaxx decided to throw in a BISEXUAL fisting threesome. Odd perhaps, but definitely pushing the boundaries, as well as pushing in the stools! Now that’s what we call a “Fistful of Love”!

bisexual mmf fisting lesson from bimaxx where a girl and a guy fistfuck another guy

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