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The first time I heard about “snowballing” cum was way long ago, and was actually kind of shocked. I think it was an erotic story and the guy fucking his girl told her “I want you to give me a snowball”. She said, “what’s that?” and he said that’s when I cum in your mouth and then you kiss me and spit it back in my mouth. I thought snowballing was a little strange and somewhat bisexual, or bi-curious, and this was before coming out of the bisexual closet. Much later, I saw my first cum swapping scene in a FFM threesome scene in a “straight” porno. A guy came in some girl’s mouth and she spit it back in her girlfriend’s mouth who swallowed it eagerly. I thought that was pretty hot, and something I had never seen before, until I remembered the snowballing story I read as a teenager. Fast forward a bit and the next thing you know, cumswapping is a mainstay of straight porn, the only problem being is that it’s meant for shock value and isn’t sexy.

Then I saw a short lived series of videos at the local porn shop called “Cum in My Mouth, I’ll Spit it Back in Yours” which featured, you guessed it, snowballing cum swap between male female couples.

couple snowballing and cum swapping

However, after just a couple of episodes, the series appeared to have met its demise. How cum, I wonder? Maybe because it’s too close to bisexual sex for some men? You know who you are, those that prefer shemale porn because the guys have tits, LOL.

Anyway, we tried our first snowballing as a couple the other day and it was an intensely erotic experience! I don’t even think there was anything blatantly bisexual about it save for the fact that both of us tasted cum and it’s not like that hasn’t happened before! So I would say go for it, and give cum snowballing a try! You may get addicted! (We almost did!)

Of course, there’s also cumswapping with a third party. That’s  little more advanced and we haven’t tried that yet so we’re looking for inspiration on BiMaxx…

bi mmf threesome sex

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