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We’re moving to Spain. We posted about an awesome bisexual music video a few weeks back. Now we’ve got another one. Seems like a lad named Daniel Zueras, who was a contestant on the Spanish version of American Idol just relesed his first music video and we gotta tell you, it’s almost better than porn. Well, almost. See for yourself. Seems like this is both ruffling feathers and titillating the Spaniards. Someone should do a bi sex porn video with as much class as this. Well, some have come close (Bimaxx for starters) and we’ll be posting about our favs as well as new releases. In the meantime, if this doesn’t get you hot, you’re either dead, blind or 100% straight (the latter is an impossibility as fr as we’re concerned). PS - You can turn off the sound if you’re not into cheesy Euro-pop.

Daniel Zueras

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