I found this recent article about bisexuality kind of odd for the following paragraph about “penis fetishes” as opposed to being a true bisexual. In it, the author writes “ Some guys who do not identify as gay may be sexually turned on by specific behaviors or male body parts. For example, some men have penis fetishes — in which they are fixated on sucking or seeing another man’s penis, but have little to no desire to touch or be sexual with the rest of the man’s body.”

Of course in our opinion, everyone should have a penis fetish. Penises are awesome and it’s better to spend less time thinking about it and more time having bisexual sex and checking out bi porn. And two penises are better than one! Take a look at this recent update from the incredible BiMaxx which bi all accounts includes not only penis fetish but anus and vagina and mouth fetish too!

two guys and one girl threeway sex but the guys get curious and suck each others dicks as well

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