Just re-watched the latest game from Darering, and it seems I missed the part where the girls are talking and the Asian chick (who is so innocent looking at the start of the game) talks about how her butt-plug was too big! Maybe she should take some lessons from our buddy Tommy D, who not only fucks girls AND guys in the ass but can take a huge cock or a strapon himself in turn. (We love Tommy! Scroll down for some previews of him). Anyway, this is one of the awesome things about this site which makes it unique: you actually enjoy listening to the candid dialogue as opposed to the too common overdubs of oohs and aahs during the bump & grind. Hey, it’s TRUTH and DARE after all. Although the dare parts of course are the best, like when you finally see her mouth wrapped over a nice shaved pussy, sucking and licking away. And the huge double dildo? Mamma mia! Or when the girls dare the guys to suck each other’s cocks? Wow! A little bird told me more games are coming soon - can’t wait!

amateur college kids play truth or dare and lick pussy for the first time

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