Finally, a bit of good news in the papers today! From the Basque news channel of all places, but hey, we did say before that Spain is a great place to be bi. The only thing I’m not too crazy about is the prediction about “more manly women.” Maybe we’ll end up with more chicks with dicks? Fine with me! As long as they don’t look like this:


“The future world will be bisexual”


The world will develop into a “unique model” in which bisexuality will prevail in three generations’ time, according to Umberto Veronesi, aged 81, married several times, father of half a dozen sons and daughters and one of the most renowned scientists in Europe.

In an interview for several Italian media including “Il Reformista” and “Corriere della Sera,” Veronessi talked about this issue that has been the center of attention during the European summer.

“The differences between men and women reduce.” Man has no longer to fight for survival and, as a consequence, produces less androgen hormones. Women live a social revolution that give them every day new roles, which makes them produce less estrogens.”

This statement calls into question the validity of the famous sentence “Me Tarzan! You Jane!” that literature and cinema turned into the model of the traditional sexual genders. Nowadays, thanks to cloning and artificial fertilization, sex is not the only way to procreation.

Scientific and science-fiction hypothesis predict that powerful incubators will be responsible for the fertilization and birth of the children.

According to Veronesi, sex will become a “gesture of affection but not a way to reproduction”. It will not be important whether we choose one sex or the other any more. The result? A growing reality of the unique bisexual model, the Italian professor says.

He adds we will have less virile men and more manly women.

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