Wow, well we just got so wrapped up in checking out the new stuff from DareRing, which we’ve praised in our previous post even though words can’t fully do it justice, that we’ve neglected to add new stuff, which we of course look for, and find, every day.

And if you don’t take our word for, it Fleshbot, not only called us “good folks” but also confirmed that with all our hard work, “the good folks at Bi Sex Land are doing a great job so far of sniffing out the best in hot bi action in mainstream movies, pop culture, hardcore paysites … and yes, porn DVDs that incorporate puns on the word “Bi” into the title.” Thanks, Fleshbot!

Anyway, as mentioned, the new games over at DareRing are incredible and kind of distracted us from posting since we both love porn and love to masturbate… a lot. So apologies for the delay.

I hope you guys and girls have had a look at Tommy D, a new video of whose we just watched. Tommy is awesome with both guys and girls, separate or together. Here’s a hot hot hot threesome with Tommy, a hot chick named Ruby and one of Tommy’s cock-buddies. With Tommy you get the best of both worlds together OR separate - which in itself makes this site unique, and just the way it should be.tommy-dp-pic-to-use.jpg

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