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Double Teamed Brunette

Bisexplanet is a new site I just discovered with hot new content. Check out this horny brunette in action with two horny guys. You can also check out some different clips - this time of hot threeway action in the office right here. bisexual mmf

This is funny as hell!

Hollywood — Marking a shocking transformation in American culture, “300″ this weekend became the first ever soft-core gay porn movie to gross over $70 million. “With the success of ‘300,’ soft core gay porn has finally thrust itself into the mainstream,” said Don Fanaras, president of the Association for Same-Sex Soft Core.

“300″ is about a group of 300 Spartan warriors who fought to hold off hundreds of thousands of Persian invaders at the Battle of Thermoplae in 480 B.C., while wearing briefs and a cape and nothing else in order to show their muscular, shaved, oiled bodies, often enhanced by digital effects. “I spent years unsuccessfully trying to sell the major studios on financing a movie about oiled, muscular, hairless men wearing briefs,” said director Zack Snyder.

More here

Another one of Felippe Hrabik!

bisexual threesome outdoors with a hot brunette fucking two guys

Another great clip with Felippe Hrabik that I just wrote about. And it goes along with the whole ‘camping’ theme that I seem to have subconsciouly landed on. The brunette is great and the guys are hot! It’s getting hot here in the West, I think a camping trip is in order. Question is, where to find that camping partner…. I may have to explore some dating sites. We’ve posted on craigslist before with no result. There has to be a better bisexual dating service out there… I’ll let you know!

Bisexual Garden Party?

I’ll keep this short and sweet and you can tell me what you think. I love the way this chick’s huge tits look while she’s sucking on the guy’s cock while he’s getting fucked.bimaxx-garden-2.jpg

Tommy D! Real Bisexual!

Let’s review the basics. Bisexual means attracted to both sexes. That also means that unless you’re really lucky you won’t necessarily be scoring with a guy and a girl at the same time every single day. Tommy D is an awesome bisexual porn star that I just discovered. How could I have looked him over before in my quest for the best?

Tommy has sex with both guys and girls, together and separate! You can see him sucking cock one minute and eating or fucking pussy the next; not to mention fucking girls AND guys in their tight assholes! You can see Tommy banging a hot brunette in a preview vid on the tour pages but here’s a preview vid of some hot cock sucking and jacking off!tommyd1.jpg

Bisexual World Cup!

As I mentioned before, in case you can’t tell, I have a huge admiration for the Czech nation for their open sexuality and liberal approach to all things BI. Some would counter the argument and say that Brazilians are the most liberated people on earth. Their monopoly on transsexual shemale porn would add points in their favor. So, who wins? Click on the flags to see some representative bisexual action from each country and decide on your favorite team! It’s kind of like the World Cup! (I think I’m voting rooting for the Brazilians on this round but that’s just me).

all brazilians are bisexual east europan czech lesbians and czech gay boys in an orgy

Felippe Hrabik - Bi Porn Star

I always wondered who the guy with the tatoo was in some of these videos I’ve seen and now I found the info:

felippe hrabik bi porn star Felippe Hrabik, is the professional name of an Central European gay porn star. He is easily distinguished by the tribal-like tatoo that covers his right arm from the base of his neck to his wrist. Hrabik performs in both the top and bottom roles. “Hrabik” has performed under the names: Filip Chech, Fabian Harri, Sergio Normann, and Zdeno Reif. Many times he is credited simply under the name “Filip,” but with variations on the spelling, (”Fillip,” “Philip,” “Phillip,” etc.). Hrabik has also performed in numerous bisexual themed videos. (Text courtesy of Wikipedia).

As I said, I can’t get enough of these Czech guys. Check out the awesome video where Felippe and another guy do a big titted girl - and each other!

Speaking of Strapons…

Click on the image to see this hot blonde guy get strapon fucked by two gorgeous babes!

For The Love of Strapons!

I love Trannies as much as the next guy but there’s something especially arousing (maybe taboo) about seeing a beautiful woman wearing a plastic dick, maybe with a little tuft of pubic hair sticking out from just above the harness. Sara (below) got me rock hard the minute I saw her!straponsara1.jpggirl posing with a strapon

Truth Or Dare, Anyone?

amateur bisexual college orgy with lesbian and bi mmf action OK, so you’re at a small party, you’re mostly all friends, there is some sexual tension in the air as the evening progresses. Maybe someone mentions, “bisexual sex” perhaps? And then someone else says “let’s play Truth or Dare’!” I’ve been there done that (no sex though unfortunately), but this site is AMAZING. Real kids get drunk and play this game, all REAL beyond belief!!! And the best part is that guys who’ve never sucked cock before or girls who have never licked pussy when dared, can’t say no! Awesome thing is, they really get into it! You have to see the preview vids, but there are actual first time lesbian orgasms, gay blowjobs, multiple mouths on one cock, and hot cum in the girls mouths once you sign up! Great stuff you won’t find anywhere else. I don’t know where they find these kids but we would love to get in on one of the games! They seem to be having new ones all the time, too!

Same Brunette & Guy in Threesome?

I think I recognized the guy in glasses by his (ahem) penis. OK, it was his g-string or whatever he’s wearing. But I think it’s the same guy and girl combo now sucking and fucking with another hot stud. Am I right?

I Like The Guy In The Glasses!

He reminds me of me. Maybe because I wear glasses. And my other half wears spex too! I don’t know when being blind became sexy. Might be the the whole dirty librarian thing but it seems to work for guys too. Did I mention that I think the other guy and the girls are pretty hot as well? Click to see them giving head together! Hot!bisexualbangers0037_01.jpg

Locker Room Threesome

Back to smut. Here’s another great Czech (!) threesome! I don’t know what it is about these people but I’m not complaining. The girls really like to see their boys do one another. I saw this one a while ago and didn’t even know it was available as pay per view. Czech out the hot clips of double blowjobs and sex in the locker room. There’s actually a funny story line that takes place in the film - something about the girl being a reporter… I forget… Anyway, look, see, feel… do what you want… but remember that actually shelling out a few bucks to see the whole thing (and you won’t see the really GOOD stuff unless you do), is what keeps this site going to pay for bandwidth and hosting! AND, did I mention that this is a MUST-SEE for hockey fans?


Where do YOU fit in?

I recently came across an article about the great psychologist and bisexual activist Dr. Fritz Klein being posthumously given some type of accolades from a Dutch university. The Dutch of course, are great in how liberal they are towards sexuality (and porn, natch), but I decided to throw this little bit here to make you, well, more secure. Anyway, the Klein Orientation Grid, measures your level of bisexuality. I’m probably on a three. How about you? Maybe I’ll do a poll. As I said before, it’s kind of annoying that it’s trendy for girls to sexperiment but not so much for guys - at least not in the US - but we’re going to change that.

If you want to get even more high-falutin, you can read up more on this here.

And then you can go back to looking at porn… hehe…

Fuck While Getting Fucked!

This is pretty advanced for me, but I will have to try it one day. Hint: here’s ONE way to tell that the guys are enjoying the sex and performing - hard cock while getting fucked in the ass. (Sometimes you just see that thing flopping around and you know the vid is bad - I won’t be posting those here). Well this is one awesome train: guy fucks girls while getting drilled in his own butt! I’ll try and post more of these as I find them. The other cool thing is when the guys are fucking, the guy is on top with a raging boner and the girl gets so into watching it, she just has to suck that cock as her guy is bouncing around. More to cum - stay tuned.bibistu-aebn.jpg

Guy sprays cum on girl and boy as they kiss and swap cum!

I love the look of this guy’s dick - the way it’s so perfectly curved. But even more, I love the hot cum flying out of it as it lands on this sexy couple, into their mouths and on their faces! Click on the box for the hot preview!bi students hot bisexual porno film with great mmf action

Guys Fuck Girl and Each Other!

What can I say? I can’t get enough of Bimaxx! And I love both the guys and the chick they’re banging together! Cum see for yourself. The curly haired guy actually reminded me of someone I saw on the street the other day and got a hard on. I’ll continue with that story in another post. Nothing like having a hard cock in your mouth while fucking a tight pussy.


Hairy Strapon Babe!

This girl is awesome. She calls herself “Furry Girl” and that’s what she is - a hot hairy chick. Personally, I don’t have a preference for shaved or hairy pussy - I like to mix and match, and so does my girlfriend. Guys I usually prefer to be fully shaved like (ahem) myself.

Back to the subject at hand, this chick makes my cock hard as hell, especially when I saw her wearing that big cock in harness. I’d let her fuck me any day. This is a real, 100% amateur solo site run by the furry goddess herself. Not only do you get to see plenty of her working that hairy pussy with fingers and toys, you can also see her lick pussy, suck cock, get cum all over that hairy bush, and she also does webcam shows!hairy girl with strapon12.jpg

Nice Strapon Threesome!

I love this Asian girl. She looks so petite, yet can guide that big cock right into her boyfriend’s ass - after they both get to suck some cock together first!

Boy Fucks Girl, Girl Fucks Boy

Need I say more? Very hot video of a guy licking and fucking his redhead girlfriend, then bending over and getting fucked with  a strapon. I’m always on the lookout for good strapon sex - pics, movies, websites, so stay tuned.

Double Cock Sucking: which you do you like?

I’ve tried both: sucking cock with a girl and gettting my cock sucked by a boy and a girl at the same time. Both great. Which do you prefer? Look at some vids and see which you’d like to start with. Check out this double blowjob by the pool!

French Foursome!

When I first saw this one, I almost came in my shorts, partly because it reminded me of my first foursome. My girlfriend and I met another couple for drinks and before we knew it we were in the same bed all fucking together. We’re still waiting for a repeat of that with another couple, but this video was amazing in how similar it was. Man it was hot and we can’t wait to do it again. Mostly it was the girls who were into licking pussy, though me and the other guy sucked each others cocks for a bit, but the hottest part was fucking side by side and spraying our girls with hot sticky cum at the same time, right next to one another! Awesome! There is a tonne of hot, nasty threesomes and foursomes on this site - definitely one of the all the time best sites I’ve ever seen. Time to move to France, I think. But if you can’t, the next best thing is to join the site.bisexual foursome with two horny couples

Exotic Girl Sucks Two Cocks!

The cocks get a little too close for comfort here - which is natural in these situations. Not sure what the guys end up doing but this is exactly what I talked about before - and it’s hot as hell. I’ll try and post the one I saw where the tatooed boy gets a big dildo in his ass while getting sucked. This is an amazing site. The guys are just as comfortable with each other as the girls. Time will tell whether the brilliant John B. Rooot will take it to that one extra level you and I are salivating about - but I have a feeling he will.

a double blowjob with two cocks in one mouth in this mmf threesome

Christian, Herbie and Judith

I don’t know where Three Pillows finds these models but the truly awesome thing is how much everyone gets into it - the no-holes barred (literally) fuckfest such as this awesome trio. Here, two Bi boys suck and fuck each other with genuine encouragement from their girlfriend.


Insane Bisexual Party!

Where can I find a party like this? Don’t worry, if I find one I will let you know. In the meantime, check out the incredible previews vids!bimax-party-pic-2.jpg

Fun Loving Blonde With Two Boyfriends

bicuriouslust03.jpgHere they are. I love the smooth hairless bodies and shaved cocks of the guys as much as I love the blonde’s bald pussy. Maybe you’ve seen these kids before but you probably haven’t seen the preview videos where the girl sucks two cocks, gets fucked, and then squeals in delight playing with her pussy as she watches her boyfriends fuck. You can see the full version of this naughty threesome here!

Paying For Porn

A recent survey said that something like 60% of Americans are afraid of giving out their credit card information online. That statistic is nothing but paranoia. OK, ten years ago there were indeed problems with billing and unscrupulous sites. Those days are gone. You are as secure ordering from the sites I list here as you are ordering a book or CD from amazon - maybe even more. These people are VERY careful to protect their reputation, to have recurring customers, to have clean billing - their livelihood depends on it. So no fear, sign up and order some hot bisexual porn, which you probably won’t find at your local vid store. Nothing to worry about, and I will keep you updated on the h0ttest new sites and videos. In other words, relax and enjoy!

Antonio, Ron & Tiffany

I wish I knew more about Tiffany. Fuck that, I wish I KNEW her personally with my cock in her mouth and my boyfriend’s cock in my ass. She is smiling and beaming while getting fucked by two beefy guys but the insane part is the look of enjoyment on her face as she’s part of the train - that looks more advanced than anything I would try just now - but it means fucking a girl’s pussy or ass while getting fucked in your own ass. Ever tried it? If so, leave a commment - otherwise check out the awesome pics and sign up to get the full version - including video! Did I mention the cum?bisex mmf threesome

Bi Bi Love!

Amazing vid; you have to see the preview! Girl and guy suck cock together, then she lets the “Other Guy” fuck her in the ass. But wait, there’s more. Boyfriend then fucks her reverse cowgirl while she sucks the other guy’s dick, then the “Other Guy” moves his cock into boyfriend’s mouth and she sucks off the boyfriend. Sucking the “Other Guy’s” dick while getting sucked is too much for our hero and he covers his girl’s face in hot sticky cum! Awesome!

Click here for the free preview clips!

The Cumshot I Wrote About

bisex mmf cumshotsOkay, okay, here it is - the most massive cumshot I’ve ever seen (I’d be excited too, so it’s only fine and natural). Shell out a couple of bucks to see the whole thing: the brunette gets drenched as well, big time! As one reviewer put it: “The boyfriend’s mammoth cock shoots one of the biggest, wettest loads I’ve ever seen. When he busts a nut all over the girl’s face, she looks like she just filmed a ten-guy bukkake video!” One hot fucking video. Click on the pic to see previews!