As I mentioned before one clear indicator of how much the guys are enjoying themselves is the size, shape and possibly even curvature of their erections. Most importantly - is it HARD? We’ve seen too much BAD PORN where the cock of the guy getting fucked is just flapping up and down. How declasse, not to mention uninspiring. If you’re doing it right, the cock should be at full attention, even when, or should I say, ESPECIALLY when, you got another one of those things up your ass. Here’s a good example from a gay site we like.

The worst is when you see the floppy penis in a bisexual vid. Now this you will never see at BiMaxx. It’s cold and wet here still, and thoughts of going to the spa got me thinking about one of my favorite photo and videos. I love this trio, (the couple pictured get a third to join them) especially seeing the girl sucking down on that huge shaved cock while the other guy pounds his smooth shaved ass. You really must see the video and the awesome cum fountains at the end! BiMaxx rules!


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