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Archive for March 27th, 2007

We LOVE Tommy D!

Every new video on Tommy’s site gets the cock hard and the pussy wet. Tommy is a REAL BISEXUAL. Remember the motto - that means being attracted to BOTH sexes. If you need to measure yourself, scroll down for the Bisexual Scale, which I wrote about before. With somewhat less emphasis than other sites on threesomes and groups, (although there’s plenty of group sex to keep your respective dicks hard and pussies moist), you get to see what Tommy does best - having hot steamy sex with both guys and girls, mostly separate, sometimes together. You have to check it out!

In the first set you can see a preview of Tommy and a hot JO buddy fucking, while in the next one, Tommy’s giving the same hard treatment to a hot chick! How do we meet this guy?



Are you bait?

Here’s a little known fact about sites like Bangbus, that present themselves as “reality” sites where they actually do drive around picking up slutty girls, boning them in the van, giving them a hundred bucks and then kicking them out on the side of the road (pretty funny stuff, actually). The thing is, though scripted (FYI, even reality tv is scripted), they really ARE pretty close to the truth. Since they’re shot in Florida, where the porn scene is growing but still small nonetheless, many of these girls ARE newbies giving a go at porn stardom which they can’t sustain in FL and after the episode is shot are, for the most part, metaphorically speaking, kicked out of the van. Cruel, funny or both? You be the judge; for me I’m a firm believer in personal responsibility… Anyway we won’t go there as you’re here to be entertained. I personally love their work!


Now, their bi-curious site, Baitbus, is also hilarious and a different story altogether because for the life of me I don’t know where they find their male actors. Having said that, if I was hitch-hiking and saw their “bait”, Cameron, (the awesome blonde below), I’d pretty much do whatever she asked for - not just taking a strap-on dildo up my ass like the equally cute blonde GUY does, but go along with “old switcharoo”. If you’re not familiar with this site, I urge you to take a look. Funny and very very sexy! Enjoy the preview vids!