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Archive for March 12th, 2007

Some Free Advice…

Courtesy of Club Bisexual!


There is Something Else Than Being Straight or Gay

Most people believe that they are either straight or gay. Don’t make the mistake of assuming there are only 2 options to choose from. Bisexuality is an option in its own right.

It is a Sexual Orientation

The term “sexual orientation” is used to refer to sexual feelings. Heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual is a part of what people are. Thus, bisexuality is a sexual orientation in which an individual feels sexual attraction towards both men and women.

Bisexuality is Part of Everyone

Let’s face it, people are not always what we perceive them to be. The reality is that many people are bisexual and that bisexuality is a genuine, valid sexual orientation. The famous “Kinsey scale” (see image below) invented by Alfred Kinsey in the late 40’s presents the idea that most people fall somewhere between 0 (totally heterosexual) and 6 (totally homosexual) on a sexual “preference” continuum. Kinsey’s scale suggested that “heterosexual” and “homosexual” are not opposites, but rather two possible positions on this continuum of sexual “preference”. Alfred Kinsey broke many barriers by studying sexual habbits on a large scale.

Sex for Sex is Good

There are two reasons why you made your way to this website. First, you enjoy watching porn. Second, bisexual porn is the one that turns you on. If sex is good, what does gender matter? The bisexual porn world creates the best possibilities of hardcore intercourse. ClubBisexual has been built on that thinking and now provides the most varied collection of bisexual movies on the net.


Now that you know what’s what, go here…

More New Vids at Club Bisexual!

Speaking of Annie, if you haven’t yet signed up for Club Bisexual, what are you waiting for? Look, the only real way to find a good site that you enjoy is to try one. I remember the first time I actually paid for porn and my mind was BLOWN. If you’re just surfing for free content you will get the TIP of the iceberg. Not even the tip of the PENIS. This site is incredible, always adding new stuff, and there’s a mind and load blowing vid of Annie sucking cock with yet two different guys along with more strapon action, and even squirting!anniecruz.jpg

Annie Cruz!

In case you can’t tell, I’m doing all the wannie cruz in bi mmf threesomeork for you, trying to find the best bisexual porn. My internet research has led me to find that the Asian Strapon Girl I mentioned before (she’s Filipina actually) is hot little pervert named Annie Cruz. I can’t say I have an Asian fetish, Yellow Fever or whatever you want to call it but I love this chick, partly because she seems like a real down and out perv, which is awesome. She suck a mean dick, take in the ass and returns the favor, fucks guys, fucks girls, bondage, s&m, you name it, there seems to be nothing that she won’t do. Amazing stuff! Lucky for us she has her own website!

Double Teamed Brunette

Bisexplanet is a new site I just discovered with hot new content. Check out this horny brunette in action with two horny guys. You can also check out some different clips - this time of hot threeway action in the office right here. bisexual mmf

This is funny as hell!

Hollywood — Marking a shocking transformation in American culture, “300″ this weekend became the first ever soft-core gay porn movie to gross over $70 million. “With the success of ‘300,’ soft core gay porn has finally thrust itself into the mainstream,” said Don Fanaras, president of the Association for Same-Sex Soft Core.

“300″ is about a group of 300 Spartan warriors who fought to hold off hundreds of thousands of Persian invaders at the Battle of Thermoplae in 480 B.C., while wearing briefs and a cape and nothing else in order to show their muscular, shaved, oiled bodies, often enhanced by digital effects. “I spent years unsuccessfully trying to sell the major studios on financing a movie about oiled, muscular, hairless men wearing briefs,” said director Zack Snyder.

More here