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Archive for March 10th, 2007

Bisexual World Cup!

As I mentioned before, in case you can’t tell, I have a huge admiration for the Czech nation for their open sexuality and liberal approach to all things BI. Some would counter the argument and say that Brazilians are the most liberated people on earth. Their monopoly on transsexual shemale porn would add points in their favor. So, who wins? Click on the flags to see some representative bisexual action from each country and decide on your favorite team! It’s kind of like the World Cup! (I think I’m voting rooting for the Brazilians on this round but that’s just me).

all brazilians are bisexual east europan czech lesbians and czech gay boys in an orgy

Felippe Hrabik - Bi Porn Star

I always wondered who the guy with the tatoo was in some of these videos I’ve seen and now I found the info:

felippe hrabik bi porn star Felippe Hrabik, is the professional name of an Central European gay porn star. He is easily distinguished by the tribal-like tatoo that covers his right arm from the base of his neck to his wrist. Hrabik performs in both the top and bottom roles. “Hrabik” has performed under the names: Filip Chech, Fabian Harri, Sergio Normann, and Zdeno Reif. Many times he is credited simply under the name “Filip,” but with variations on the spelling, (”Fillip,” “Philip,” “Phillip,” etc.). Hrabik has also performed in numerous bisexual themed videos. (Text courtesy of Wikipedia).

As I said, I can’t get enough of these Czech guys. Check out the awesome video where Felippe and another guy do a big titted girl - and each other!

Speaking of Strapons…

Click on the image to see this hot blonde guy get strapon fucked by two gorgeous babes!

For The Love of Strapons!

I love Trannies as much as the next guy but there’s something especially arousing (maybe taboo) about seeing a beautiful woman wearing a plastic dick, maybe with a little tuft of pubic hair sticking out from just above the harness. Sara (below) got me rock hard the minute I saw her!straponsara1.jpggirl posing with a strapon

Truth Or Dare, Anyone?

amateur bisexual college orgy with lesbian and bi mmf action OK, so you’re at a small party, you’re mostly all friends, there is some sexual tension in the air as the evening progresses. Maybe someone mentions, “bisexual sex” perhaps? And then someone else says “let’s play Truth or Dare’!” I’ve been there done that (no sex though unfortunately), but this site is AMAZING. Real kids get drunk and play this game, all REAL beyond belief!!! And the best part is that guys who’ve never sucked cock before or girls who have never licked pussy when dared, can’t say no! Awesome thing is, they really get into it! You have to see the preview vids, but there are actual first time lesbian orgasms, gay blowjobs, multiple mouths on one cock, and hot cum in the girls mouths once you sign up! Great stuff you won’t find anywhere else. I don’t know where they find these kids but we would love to get in on one of the games! They seem to be having new ones all the time, too!