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Meet the Faggots!

Some comic relief for your Monday blues if you got ‘em. You learn something new every day. I don’t remember how I came across this rather old news article, and though I have heard of Spotted Dick and even seen tins of it in England, Mr. Brain’s Faggots and the Faggot Family was something I had never heard of before and knocked me flat on my ass. Not to mention that their last name is “Doody”. Enjoy!

Family of faggot fans fly the flag

The Doody family manufacturers of faggots

The Doody family hope to raise profile of faggots

A West Midlands family is playing a central role in the quest to raise the profile of a forgotten British dish - faggots. The Doody family from Wolverhampton has been crowned The Faggot Family in a national competition, and to kick off their reign they will launch National Faggot Week….

“The great British faggot is full of flavour and a great belly warmer at this time of year.”

More Truth or Dare

Here’s a teaser from that amateur site I was talking about with hot pussy licking and blowjob action! Remember, the players can’t say no to a dare, and that means when the girls are dared to lick pussy for the first time in their lives, they gotta do it. And they dive right into those juicy pussies and start licking away! But you also gotta see when guys are dared to give head! Hell, we’re up for a dare! Any suggestions?

real college amateur truth or dare game turns into a bisexual orgy

Truth or Dare Redux

It’s interesting that the latest update from Bimaxx speaks of a “truth or dare” game that gets the trio going in their MMF bisexual romp. That alsol got us thinking about the good folks over at Dare Ring, the real amateur truth or dare orgy site that we love so much. Which is better? Apples and oranges. We love both glam and down and dirty amateur stuff. We love the stockings and peek-a-boo bra on the girl in the Bimaxx threesome. And we love the naughty college kids in the buff at Dare Ring.truth or dare game turns into bisexual mmf threeesome with classy brunette and two hot bi guys

Best Bareback: Farnesz and Sveny

Feeling a bit on the gay side of the spectrum today, but hey that’s what being bi is all about. The reason? Discovering an awesome new site called Best Bareback! What’s so great about it? The boys! Awesome sexy swimmer bodies, completely shaved. And the passionate blowjobs and bareback anal sex. And the fact that these movies come HD quality. Let’s just say it turned me into a buy-sexual this morning.

Hot gay boys Farnesz and Sveny suck cocks and fuck bareback in gay HD video

Can’t decide between pussy or penis?

Then do what this guy does. Love it! That site has some awesome vids - check them out. BTW we absolutely LOVE the blonde in glasses.The part where they take turns licking the other guy’s asshole is AMAZING! BTW this one is with Jerry Zikes and Felippe Hrabik. It’s been a busy past few days but stay tuned, we’ve got a lot of hot stuff coming up!

blonde in glasses sucks two cute bi guys dicks and gets fucked and cummed on

How do you propose a threesome with two guys?

Good question, right? It can be off-putting, frightening, exciting, weird or all at the same time. But take a look at the wide eyed excited look on this gal’s face. Oh to be a fly on the wall and hear what the dark haired guy is proposing but I think I can guess. And that look is worth a thousand words. Look, many women we know get absolutely turned on by bi guys and bi or gay porn. And for that matter, many guys we know as well. Have a happy bisexual weekend everyone!

blonde girl and two bisexual guys have a threesome because she thinks bi guys are sexy

Bi the Blue Line with Pavel Novotny aka Jan Dvorak

Reading about the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Sidney Crosby receving the Hart Trophy got me thinking of one of our favorite flicks, Bi the Blue Line, with Jan Dvorak aka Pavel Novotny. The plot is simple. “When several lovely reporters have a hard time getting an interview with the local hockey team after the big game, they storm the locker room and do whatever it takes to get JAN DVORAK and his teammates to talk to them! Don’t miss these gorgeous girls and hot hockey studs as they enjoy some great bisexual escapades, including guy on guy and girl on girl action!” Oh yeah and bi MMF threesome action as well.

bisexual locker room threesome with one girl and two hot bi guys


Bisexual News

Here’s the latest news roundup.

1. June is Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgendered Pride Month. (Go ahead, click on these links, they’re not boring news articles :-)

2. New York State elected the first openly bisexual member of the state Legislature. (OK, so this is a real news article)

3. The new updates from Bimaxx are awesome! bisexual-threesome-mmf horny blonde plays with two bi guys and gets cummed on

Gen Padova in Strapon Threesome

In Gen’s own words: “I decided to go work in the porn industry. I’m an exhibitionist. It’s something I’ve always wanted to pursue on the side. Working in the adult business has kept my positive outlook in life. It keeps me around people, real people, people who’ve experienced life… I love the variety of people. I love that I can perform something so personal and fulfill a person’s fantasies and help a person’s love life. It fulfills me to fulfill sexual desires on camera.”

Now that’s a positive attitude! Here’s Gen in a strapon MMF threesome from Club Bisexual. Gen rocks! Gen Padova in bi MMF Threesome fucks twon guys with strapons and gets sprayed with cum

Brunette and Two Blonde Bi Guys in Hot MMF Scene from “Bisex” Series

I wish we knew the names of these actors in this awesome MMF scene from a series called simply “Bisex” so we can find more of their “work”. The way the girl enthusiastically sucks one guy’s cock while he’s getting it from their boyfriend is simply amazing. Not to mention how she offers up her face for the facial cumshot at the end. You can check out the whole Bisex series here or click below for the preview.Brunette in bisexual threesometeen brunette plays with two blonde bi guys in hardcore mmf sex

And if you think these bi guys are hot…

Bisexual guys get help fucking from a hot brunette with bangs…then you should see the amazing brunette girl with super sexy bangs that they fuck together and who helps them fuck each other!

Oh, here she is… but the good stuff is inside…

horny brunette in threesome with two bisexual guys

Where’ the bisexual threesome, foursome or orgy party near you? Here’s the Miami bisexual party article I talked about.

Advances are made with the most gracious of manners. There seems to be no pressuring, or desperate groping. Men are seen lining up along a gallery window that looks into an orgy room. They gaze in at the action on the other side of the glass and then at one another. One man is heard asking another man who leaves the jacuzzi with his girlfriend “Do you mind if I join you when you go to a room?” Read more…

Unbelievably hot. Too bad we live on the other coast from Miami. We’ll be sure to check it out next time we’re down in Florida though. In the meantime we can live vicariousy through the bi orgies and parties that happen at Bimaxx as is in the case right here!

bisexual guys and girls in a no holes barred bisexual orgy club party sucking cock, licking pussy and getting fucked

The Bisexual Rugby Player and Catherine’s MMF Threesome

We recently posted about an article in the Belfast Telegraph by a woman named Catherine Townsend, who was planning on setting up a bi threesome with her boyfriend and another guy. This week we find out what happened next. “They sat on either side of me on the sofa, and I started kissing James, then turning around to kiss the rugby player while James stroked my leg.

We moved to the bedroom and undressed each other. The rugby player had a stunning physique and was amazingly well endowed.”

I won’t tell you what happens next but maybe Catherine and her man should have met the rugby player out on the field like this amazing sporty trio from Club Bisexual! The train of a guy fucking a girl in the ass while getting his own ass fucked is pretty amazing.

Bi guys in MMF with a blonde fuck each other and her in the ass

New bisexual vids: a glamorous and sexy bi threesome at the pool! Our sex fantasy brought to life!

Speechless. I’ll let the trailer do the talking. This stuff is INCREDIBLE!

gorgeous brunette fucks two bi guys and helps them fuck in an mmf threesome in the spa

Incredible Cumshots in Amateur Bi Threesomes

Here in Bisexland, just as we love both cock and pussy, we also love both real amateur porn with college kids like DareRing as well as the high-end quality to the point of artistic naughtiness. Here we seem to have found a more amateur looking vid from our bi pay per view friends at Bisexual Pay Per View and it’s awesome. The part that we love is how one guy comes on the girl’s face while she’s still got a dick in her mouth and she just keeps sucking while sprayed with the other guy’s jizz! Hot!!! Check out all these sites while you still have a few hours left for National Masturbation Month! Didn’t know that’s what May was? We thought everyone did. OK, I’ll have to post more about that later (and about the after-party).

Another Great Bi MMF Threesome in Nature!

We’ve talked about fucking in the great outdoors before, of course. What is it about this bisexual threesome outdoors from Club Bisexual that got us so hot this morning? The hard cocks and smooth bodies of the guys? The pale skin and lovely shaved pussy of the redhead in this sandwich? The awesome assfucking? Or the shared cumshot at the end? You be the judge.Bisexual MMF Threesome Outdoors

Gay! Straight! Bi! All on one site! Oh, and bi threesomes, too! Check out the new Mike Hancock gay/bisexual porn site!

first threesome experience in the afternoonWe recently wrote about some hot new developments in both gay and bi porn - namely the gay for pay, straight for pay and all combos in between. Mike Hancock is a brand new site that we just came across. Not only does it have awesome hot guys and gals, but it’s riding that edge that we love where sexual orientation boundaries are all blurred. So check out all their categories, and the awesome threesome that occurs with this trio!

Evan Gets Strapped! Gay/Bi Boy Gets Strapon Fucked by Awesome Big Titted Babe!

Remember Evan Rivers? The new gay porn kid from Miami we talked about before? Well here’s another foray into Evan’s bi-sexuality: gettting strap-on fucked by a hot chick with big tits. This episode is hot as hell, but seeing as how Evan identifies as gay, is this ‘bi curious’ from a gay guy as opposed to a straight guy being bi-curious. Or is there such a thing as ’straight curious’? Either way, Evan is awesome. Oh, and speaking of bisexuals in Miami (one of our fav places to visit), I read an interesting article about bisexual night at one of the clubs there - pretty much dedicated to MMF threesome encounters. I’ll be posting that for all you lucky bi guys in Miami as soon as I dig up that link again. In the meantime, enjoy Evan’s strap-on adventure!tanned bi-curious twink evan rivers gets strapon fucked by a big titted redhead

Bi Orgy in the Military, Russian Girls Into Femdom and Lesbian Sex on Euro TV

Not sure where we came across yet another hot music video, this time from Russia of a bunch of lesbian cops humiliating the sargeant. Looks like six on one. Very hot. Now how about we turn the table around and have six guys fucking each other with a couple of delicious blondes helping them out and getting in on the action? Where can you see that? Only here, my friends!

Bi MMF Threesome in the Gym With a Hot Blonde and Two Studs

Of course, you could also try and lose weight (see post below) by going to the gym. However, in Bisexland, even there you may run into an erotic encounter with another hot guy like this gorgeous Czech girl and her man did.

bi mmf threesome in the gym with hot blonde with big tits fucking two guys and helping the guys fuck each other

Lose Weight With Threeways!

See, I told you threesomes are good for you! Click here or on the pic and you’ll see a plump girl doing just that in a bi MMF threesome. Not into fat chicks? Check out the rest of the vids here.


Bisexuals, Lesbians and Gays in Advertising, the Bisexual Dolce & Gabanna Ads, and where to find the best bisexual porn….

You may recall that a couple of months ago, Dolce & Gabbana had to pull their ad campaign which may have crossed some type of line a bit. We have no opinion about it but I recently saw a pretty interesting ad - possibly from the same pulled campaign that featured what looks like same sex activity in one room between two guys and two… mannequins? Or live women? Not sure. Regardless what you think of the ads, the models and the photography are fucking awesome, and the best place to see that kind of stuff - the hottest bi models and awesome photography - but with ACTUAL bisexual sex is only at Bimaxx. There’s also amazing ‘high production value’ (not to mention amazing girls and boys) over at the very talented John B. Root’s site). controversial dolce & gabbana ad of a bisexual foursome

Bi MMF Threesome at the Nude Beach is Our Fantasy

mmf bisexual threesome on the beachI’m sure we’re not the only ones who believe that sex outdoors pretty much rules. In fact, even going to the nude beach can be a pretty funny and daunting experience for my man and I when his cock starts to get hard looking at all the naked girls and guys. This has happened a few times, in Long Island at Lighthouse Beach and in New Jersey at Sandy Hook. The latter, was even funnier because he started getting hard in the gay section and had to jump into the cold water before the hardon got out of control. While we’re still looking for that magical place, Cap d’Agde perhaps, everything cool still happens at Bisexland! Check out this bi MMF threesome with two tanned athletic guys and a sexy plump blonde from ClubBisexual!

Oh and if you’re still horny from looking at the college kids on DareRing, (see below) there’s also lot of “that look” over at BiWitched.

MMF Bi Threesome sex Outdoors

Adult party games get even crazier at Darering! Cock ring toss, spin the bottle, naked twister, and our favorite: blowjob roulette!

real bisexual amateurs play spin the bottle orgyI swear, the guys over at Darering are fucking geniuses. If you haven’t checked it out, get thee to Darering now! Lots of new bonus videos just added which include: naked twister (ok, maybe you’ve seen that before), strip poker (ditto), but how about strip spin the bottle? What about blowjob roulette? Not to mention the awesome bisexual male and female MMF, FFM, and moresome orgy action in the other games. And the best part, these are all real amateurs, my friends! One of the many things that makes this site amazing. Scroll all the way down to see the bonus videos we’re talking about.Strip poker, naked orgy with truth or dare games gone wild, real amateur lesbians and bicurious guys

Gay For Pay? How about trying straight for pay? Gay & bisexual guys fuck girls, and more!

I don’t know where we read the interesting statistic that 40% of all actors in gay porn are actually straight. Well, I’m not sure how much that statistic makes sense or where it comes from. How about just calling yourself bi and letting it go at that, you ARE fucking a guy in those videos after all! There seems to be all sorts of new sites popping up that feature a variation on theme: gay guys fucking girls. Some call it straight porn for the gay guy, where the emphasis is on showing the guy having sex instead of the girl getting her pussy pounded. And you know what? It works! Something different, like DareRing though that one has more bisexual action. Still don’t get it? Check out Next Door Hookups.Straight porn for the gay eye straight porn for a gay audience bisexual bicurious video

Double Blowjobs - Two Mouths One Cock

Wow, I think we got a little carried away with the strapons. Well, can you blame us? They’re fun! But of course the best part about a boy/boy/girl threesome or B/B/G or MMF threesome or whatever you want to call it, menage a trois with a twist, whatever, is of course sucking cock together or being on the receiving end, which are both awesome. Here’s a new fine vid from ClubBisexual featuring the very hot and nasty Annie Cruz (who also knows how to wield a strapon by the way). Our fav porn sites keep adding content left and right with each day, so check them out! We love how nervous the blonde guy is before he is encouraged by his girlfriend to suck cock. You gotta see how they’re making out while he’s fucking the other guy in the ass. And when she’s playing with herself as they spray her with cum? Awesome! Stay tuned because we have an interesting post coming up about who’s gay and who’s straight in the world of gay/straight/bi porn.Annie Cruz in Bisexual Threesome with two twinks and sucking cock together with another guy giving a bisexual double blowjob

Wet & Wild Strapon Girl in The Pool Ready to Fuck her Boyfriend’s Ass!

New stuff at ThreePillows every week of course. But we just totally love this photo. Not only is she a hot chick with a strap on dick, the look on her face is amazing - we love to see people having a good time with this stuff, as we do always. You gotta see the rest of this series!

Strapon Girl In the Pool

Bi MMF Threesome In the Gym

We realized we have to start working out more. Problem is that it can be a little boring, although the gym definitely can be a very erotic place. Now if someone can point us out to where we can find a gym like this from Bimaxx, we’ll sign up right away! By the way, the new orgy and threesome content on Bimaxx is mindblowing especially the hot vid of the muscular long haired blonde stud fucking his buddy and a girl together, then pulling out his boyfriend’s cock out of the girl’s pussy to swallow a cumload! Amazing stuff, girls and boys!

two guys fuck each other and a hot redhead together during a bi mmf threesome in the gym

Guy gets fucked with a homemade strapon: Interesting twist to strapon anal dildo play…

What do you do when your strapon harness breaks? You improvise one out of whatever materials you have lying around, of course! Check out this horny strapon couple from Club Bisexual. Looks like they ’strapped this one together’ out of rope and a dildo. And it does the job pretty well, I must say. BTW we love the way chick’s asses look where the harness meets the bottom of the butt. Kind of like a jock strap but sexier!Guy sucking on a strapon and getting his ass fucked

Prison made him gay? What else is new…

Looks like gay and bisexual news of the weird is all over the place this week. Today we learned that a certain Ali Humayun of Sydney, Australia, is really, really confused. But get this, he’s also a Christian.

“A MAN seeking asylum on the grounds that he would be persecuted as a bisexual Christian in Pakistan was denied refugee status because authorities ruled he was bisexual only as a result of being locked up with other men.”

Wait, there’s more. “At the time of his tribunal hearing, he identified as bisexual, but now said he was gay.”

Read the full article hereBisexual threesome with cops and army guys and girls. Tragic or funny, you be the judge (we’re cracking up as we write this) but maybe poor Ali would have been better off if he had a blonde pussy girl as one of the prison guards to help him out so he’d still stay nominally bisexual and not full out gay. But if he’s full blown, all the power to him. Maybe prison was just what he needed!