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Archive for 'FFM Bisexual Sex'

Male Female Cum Swapping, Snowballing Couples, the Taste of Cum… Is it Bisexual?

The first time I heard about “snowballing” cum was way long ago, and was actually kind of shocked. I think it was an erotic story and the guy fucking his girl told her “I want you to give me a snowball”. She said, “what’s that?” and he said that’s when I cum in your mouth and then you kiss me and spit it back in my mouth. I thought snowballing was a little strange and somewhat bisexual, or bi-curious, and this was before coming out of the bisexual closet. Much later, I saw my first cum swapping scene in a FFM threesome scene in a “straight” porno. A guy came in some girl’s mouth and she spit it back in her girlfriend’s mouth who swallowed it eagerly. I thought that was pretty hot, and something I had never seen before, until I remembered the snowballing story I read as a teenager. Fast forward a bit and the next thing you know, cumswapping is a mainstay of straight porn, the only problem being is that it’s meant for shock value and isn’t sexy.

Then I saw a short lived series of videos at the local porn shop called “Cum in My Mouth, I’ll Spit it Back in Yours” which featured, you guessed it, snowballing cum swap between male female couples.

couple snowballing and cum swapping

However, after just a couple of episodes, the series appeared to have met its demise. How cum, I wonder? Maybe because it’s too close to bisexual sex for some men? You know who you are, those that prefer shemale porn because the guys have tits, LOL.

Anyway, we tried our first snowballing as a couple the other day and it was an intensely erotic experience! I don’t even think there was anything blatantly bisexual about it save for the fact that both of us tasted cum and it’s not like that hasn’t happened before! So I would say go for it, and give cum snowballing a try! You may get addicted! (We almost did!)

Of course, there’s also cumswapping with a third party. That’s  little more advanced and we haven’t tried that yet so we’re looking for inspiration on BiMaxx…

bi mmf threesome sex

Crazy FFM Strapon and Dildo Combo with Bisexual Porn Star Titof

OK, it’s a guy with a huge dildo up his ass fucking a girl wearing a strapon fucking another girl. Awesome! A bit odd for a mostly straight site you’d say, right? Wrong. That’s because the multi-talented and very hot guy in this hardcore ffm threesome is none other than Titof, bisexual, one balled (yes, he’s got one empty sac) porn star from France. A true bisexual and a popular and recurring performer on Explicite, where he’s mostly fucking girls (though mostly in the ass), Titof has done both straight, bi and gay porn - over 800 films so far. Titof is an incredibly sexy guy who has also hosted a gay tv programme on French TV and had minor roles in mainstream arthouse films. And he’s all over Explicite.

titof porn star bisexual in strapon threesome with two girls

Adult party games get even crazier at Darering! Cock ring toss, spin the bottle, naked twister, and our favorite: blowjob roulette!

real bisexual amateurs play spin the bottle orgyI swear, the guys over at Darering are fucking geniuses. If you haven’t checked it out, get thee to Darering now! Lots of new bonus videos just added which include: naked twister (ok, maybe you’ve seen that before), strip poker (ditto), but how about strip spin the bottle? What about blowjob roulette? Not to mention the awesome bisexual male and female MMF, FFM, and moresome orgy action in the other games. And the best part, these are all real amateurs, my friends! One of the many things that makes this site amazing. Scroll all the way down to see the bonus videos we’re talking about.Strip poker, naked orgy with truth or dare games gone wild, real amateur lesbians and bicurious guys

Swinging both ways is what bisexuals do! Let’s party!

We’re off to Vegas tomorrow for some partying. Will let you know how it goes. Will it be like this? Or this? I don’t know but we’re going to look far and wide for it and get back at you with the results. Of course there’s always something to be said for a more intimate sex party with adult games. We might not have the time to update for a few days so we’ll leave you with some cumshots just for fun. We talked about Tommy D’s awesome ejaculations before. Just to tie you over, here’s Tommy cumming on a guy, and here’s Tommy cumming on a girl. Tommy is our kind of guy! And if you’re more in the mood for that swapping cum part, which we find extremely erotic, here’s a great vid of two French girls French-kissing with cum in their mouths. More to cum in a few days. Enjoy.

Weekend Foursome? Perhaps…

Happy friday! Keeping it short today as we have a hot date with a bisexual couple - we’ll see what happens but we’re checking out some naughty foursome action on Bimaxx for ideas and to get us in the mood…bimaxx-foursome-01.jpg

Something different: strapon in a FFM threesome

Hope everyone is having a tolerable Monday. To make it even more tolerable, or perhaps even great, check out this two-girls-and-a-guy threesome from Club Bisexual…with a strapon twist!ffm threesome with strapon movie

Awesome new amateur Site! College threesomes and more!

Instant hard-on, instant orgasms for all. Just found what seems to be a brand-new site, with UNBELIEVABLY hot amateur content. It’s called Private College Porn, and man is it hot. I kid you not - never had, never shall. How amateur is it? Well, it doesn’t have the whole reality tv aspect that DareRing has. But let’s just say we already fucked and came twice after watching the AMAZING threesome vid, a preview of which you can see here. This is a straight site, but judging from this video, just barely so - and as mentioned before… repeat after me… bisexual means attracted to BOTH sexes. This is one is as cheap to join as DareRing, only $20 for a month and features blowjobs, threesomes, lots of masturbation, you name it. But believe us, the quality of the content is amazing. This MMF threesome in particular is what got us to join. There is something so sexual, sensual, hot, and for lack of a better word, taboo, about kissing another person while fucking or getting fucked and there’s a lot of that in this vid. If you haven’t experienced it, you can see plenty of it here. If you have, here’s something to relive your experiences while waiting for the next threesome, foursome or whatever your next sexcapades bring you. Hell, it’s worth signing up just to see this vid alone!amateur college threesome with double vaginal in a dorm room

The Bi Apple and VOD (video on demand)

How did we miss this one? The Bi Apple apparently came out in February. While we search far and wide for the best possible bisexual porn out there, somehow this hot new release got overlooked. And it’s got everything - bi MMF, lesbians, dildos, strapons, interracial, all with a unique kind of grungy NYC feel to it. Check out the preview vid on Fleshbot here. And buy it or do VOD here. For those of you unfamiliar with VOD - it’s like Pay-Per-View but better - you pay for the minutes - and you can browse and watch their ENTIRE selection of vids. Now, with a variety of VOD sites, which one do you choose? Well, first of all, since you’re paying for the minutes you can try out several options but in our opinion Gamelink has an outstanding collection of bisexual porn. And we would never recommend any site that hasn’t gotten us off! AEBN is another great site, but it’s really up to you to choose which flicks they have and which guys and girls you like better. Enjoy!bi-apple-box.jpg

Dare Ring Update

You may have noticed from previous posts that we can’t fully restrain our excitement about DareRing. Well that’s because there’s a reason for it. It can’t get any better than being a fly on the wall watching real, and I mean REAL amateurs trying group sex for the first time. The rules say they can’t say no to the dares, so if you’re a girl who’s never licked pussy before, or a guy who’s never sucked cock there’s nothing you can do but go along! Here’s a preview from Game 9. Oh, btw, the update is that they just changed some techy stuff so the downloads are twice as fast. You see? I was getting carried away with excitement!

amateur truth or dare orgy with dick sucking action and dyking out

Dare-Ring Is Awesome!

Have I mentioned how awesome Dare-Ring is? This is like my college dream come true. A bunch of chicks and guys in a room with plenty-o-booze (i.e: inhibition inhibitor) and some really good dares. I’ve played my share of “truth or dare” and definitely partaken of make-out parties (and more), but I don’t know how Dare-Ring keeps on finding these horny college kids. I check the site out pretty regularly and they’re always adding new videos! When I first saw this, it was like entering a new age of porn…I had never seen anything like this and just had to see it all. Our next goal is to set up some parties like this ourselves!


One of my favourite couples

OK, so technically Ivana Fuckalot is not a bisexual site. Though if she hangs out with girls and eats pussy, that would make her bisexual, wouldn’t it? I have to admit that I am attracted not only to her, but to her boyfriend as well. He has an awesome cock and I would love love love to join the two of these if I had a chance. Or bring the S.O. and we could have a foursome. Not sure if we’ll see anything that brave from her in the near future, but this trio from Bimaxx sort of somehow reminds me of this couple, or at least the guy with the curly hair did, not sure why…. Did I mention Bimaxx is fucking awesome? I think I may have.


How the party is setup!

People, myself included definitely wonder who the people in these amazing parties are - whether they’re pros or real people (looks damn real to me). I found out it is a mix of paid models and real people who get invited for free. Then as the paid models start getting into it, everyone loosens up and before you know it - click here or on the pic to see! Hot as hell. bisexual orgy party

Let’s Reclaim the C-Word! And the S-D Word!

This has always bothered me, but why is it that something that “sucks dick” is supposed to mean it’s bad?  What can be BAD about sucking dick? Come on, people, let’s change the world. From now on, if anything “sucks dick” that means it’s AWESOME. And cocksucker should be used as a laudatory term for our finest men and women!

Hot Bisexual Orgy Music Video!

I don’t know how I stumbled across this one but here’s a hot hot hot music video for Spanish pop star Enrique del Pozo.

The Wikipedia article on that link is only en Castellano - desculpe por favor if you can’t read Spanish - but check out this video. Why can’t we have something spinning like this on the telly? No one seems to have pushed the boundaries since Madonna’s bullshit a while back - although maybe Britney will pull another stunt and next time instead of shaving her head she’ll stick a U-shaped double dildo in her pussy and ass in front of papparazzi. Now that I would like to see. In the meantime, enjoy:

Annie Cruz!

In case you can’t tell, I’m doing all the wannie cruz in bi mmf threesomeork for you, trying to find the best bisexual porn. My internet research has led me to find that the Asian Strapon Girl I mentioned before (she’s Filipina actually) is hot little pervert named Annie Cruz. I can’t say I have an Asian fetish, Yellow Fever or whatever you want to call it but I love this chick, partly because she seems like a real down and out perv, which is awesome. She suck a mean dick, take in the ass and returns the favor, fucks guys, fucks girls, bondage, s&m, you name it, there seems to be nothing that she won’t do. Amazing stuff! Lucky for us she has her own website!

Speaking of Strapons…

Click on the image to see this hot blonde guy get strapon fucked by two gorgeous babes!

Truth Or Dare, Anyone?

amateur bisexual college orgy with lesbian and bi mmf action OK, so you’re at a small party, you’re mostly all friends, there is some sexual tension in the air as the evening progresses. Maybe someone mentions, “bisexual sex” perhaps? And then someone else says “let’s play Truth or Dare’!” I’ve been there done that (no sex though unfortunately), but this site is AMAZING. Real kids get drunk and play this game, all REAL beyond belief!!! And the best part is that guys who’ve never sucked cock before or girls who have never licked pussy when dared, can’t say no! Awesome thing is, they really get into it! You have to see the preview vids, but there are actual first time lesbian orgasms, gay blowjobs, multiple mouths on one cock, and hot cum in the girls mouths once you sign up! Great stuff you won’t find anywhere else. I don’t know where they find these kids but we would love to get in on one of the games! They seem to be having new ones all the time, too!

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