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October 2007
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Bi Threesome in the Kitchen from Bimaxx

Bimaxx keeps coming out with some of the best bisexual porn out there. I can’t get enough. There are two new kitchen themed bi MMF threesome scenes from the latest updates which are great because I think the kitchen is a sexy place, and one where we did some group sex experimentation of our own once.

This couple picked up a handsome stranger at the club and took him home for a hot after-party and a round of ‘anything goes’ bisexual sex. The three wasted no time feeling up their guest, slowly undressing him, and then taking turns taking his stone-hard sweaty cock in their mouths. Soon foreplay was not enough and it was time for the guys to don some condoms and drill a warm hot wet hungry hole with every square centimeter of their engorged dongs. The three don’t even take time to head to the bedroom, and do their threeway fucking right on the kitchen counter or on the floor. Banging away til everyone gets a hot facebath of jizz.

bisexual threesome in the kitchen

Hot girl Gets Fucked by 2 Bi Guys

Nothing like a little bi porn to get things started. Then everyone takes turns giving each other head, moving into the bedroom for guy-guy, guy-girl, and threeway fucking, ending up with a double dose of cum on her face. From the always outstanding Club Bisexual!

bisexual mmf threesome with horny brunette and two bi guys

The Future World Will be Bisexual!

Finally, a bit of good news in the papers today! From the Basque news channel of all places, but hey, we did say before that Spain is a great place to be bi. The only thing I’m not too crazy about is the prediction about “more manly women.” Maybe we’ll end up with more chicks with dicks? Fine with me! As long as they don’t look like this:


“The future world will be bisexual”


The world will develop into a “unique model” in which bisexuality will prevail in three generations’ time, according to Umberto Veronesi, aged 81, married several times, father of half a dozen sons and daughters and one of the most renowned scientists in Europe.

In an interview for several Italian media including “Il Reformista” and “Corriere della Sera,” Veronessi talked about this issue that has been the center of attention during the European summer.

“The differences between men and women reduce.” Man has no longer to fight for survival and, as a consequence, produces less androgen hormones. Women live a social revolution that give them every day new roles, which makes them produce less estrogens.”

This statement calls into question the validity of the famous sentence “Me Tarzan! You Jane!” that literature and cinema turned into the model of the traditional sexual genders. Nowadays, thanks to cloning and artificial fertilization, sex is not the only way to procreation.

Scientific and science-fiction hypothesis predict that powerful incubators will be responsible for the fertilization and birth of the children.

According to Veronesi, sex will become a “gesture of affection but not a way to reproduction”. It will not be important whether we choose one sex or the other any more. The result? A growing reality of the unique bisexual model, the Italian professor says.

He adds we will have less virile men and more manly women.

Allison Wyte, Redhead Pornstar in Male Strapon Action

I remember seeing Allison Wyte (or Alison White, as she has been known to spell her name differently) a few years ago but I thought she seemed to have dropped out of the porn scene until I saw her on Club Bisexual in a hot and heavy strapon fucking session. From what I recall this chick had a tremendous talent for anal, taking huge cocks in her ass, which she does in this vid, but then the roles are reversed when she straps one on, fucks the fucker, and turns around to get cum on her face! With her up for anything attitude, I really hope Alison Wyte comes back to do more porn, and bisexual porn hopefully!

alison wyte gets her ass fucked and fucks the guy with a strapon then gets cum facial

Jonathan Jaxson is on a Mission to “Out” Everyone in Hollywood, Including Bisexuals

Celebrity blogger Jonathan Jaxson is on a mission to out everyone he possibly can. Check out his site to see a few of the folks he’s been outing. I say more power to him and let’s hope everyone outs themselves soon! Especially when bisexuality is concerned. I had no idea that Will Smith made the list as a bisexual! Or Henry Simmons, Jr. pictured below, of NYPD Blue fame who seems to like the girls and the boys as well. And here’s the original article which also mentions Jamie Foxx and Cuba Gooding, Jr., as being bi! This is a pic of the NYPD guy. He doesn’t look bi to me at all. He looks like a leatherman.

henry simmons jr is bisexual

Anal Ring Toss Game?

Sex is the New Blog had a rather humorous article about the rather strange ring toss game that involves a butt plug. Check it out. Something to think about perhaps for when we’re really, REALLY drunk.


Bi Threesome With the Nurse

Watch what happens when a horny brunette cums in to join these hot bi guys in this scorching series from Club Bisexual. If only every visit to the doctor’s office was this good!

Bi MMF threesome in the doctor's office with two bi guys and a horny brunette

Awesome Bi Threesome Sharing Cock - Two Gorgeous Bisexual Guys and a Horny Tatooed Blonde Chick

The bi guys are hot and the naughty tatooed chick who loves them is just as awesome. A perfect bisexual threesome!

tatooed girl who loves bi guys shares cock in double blowjob and gets fucked in a mmf train

Another Awesome Bisexual Foursome From Bimaxx

We’ve only got one MMFF foursome under our belt so far, here’s hoping that we can get it on with another hot couple soon, much like these guys and girls… Click on the pic, and see what happens when the other girl comes in!


Dan Savage and Violet Blue on All About Pegging, Strap-On Sex, Anal Play and More

In the latest post to Dan Savage who actually helped coin the term “pegging” the letter begins with “I am a 25-year-old bi female with a bi male partner. My boyfriend likes stuff up his butt—really likes it.” Sounds like us. But let’s go on…. Violet Blue adds: “Pegging started showing up in porn circa 1970 and became an increasingly popular sex act for straight kids once strap-on harnesses became commercially available in the 1990s,” says Violet. “As I explain in my book, strap-on sex was so misunderstood by mainstream porn producers that indie-porn companies made films like Bend Over Boyfriend,” which walked couples through the mechanics of pegging, while at the same time demonstrating just how hot it could be.

But hip porn, commercially available harnesses, and catchy names can’t account for the boom in girl-on-boy anal sex, can they? What’s driving the pegging craze? “Perhaps straight guys are more interested in having women play with their asses because of increased awareness about prostate health,” says Violet. “Or maybe, guys are just more comfortable and confident about their heterosexuality.”

Maybe we should change that to BI-sexuality? Read the rest of the article here.

And when you’re done reading all about pegging, check out this awesome bi threesome preview from Club Bisexual, where a horny redhead chick has some very hot threeway sex with two bi guys, fucks them in their asses with her strapon - and - the best part of all in this series - she actually squits cum out of her strapon cock all over one of her boyfriend’s face.

Squirting Dildo Bi Guy gets fake cum on his face from strap on girl

We have been meaning to find a dildo for the strapon that actualy ejaculates - and when we do we’ll be sure to let you know where to get one! As an aside (ass side ha ha) we do love the four strap dildo harness b/c it just makes the woman’s ass look so damn fuckin’ good!

Levi’s Commercials Go Bisexual!

Looks like the new Levi’s campaign is getting a little risque with this OBVIOUS bisexual ad. Well, let me rephrase that. It’s exactly the same spot, but one with a guy and a girl, and another with a guy and a guy - but it’s the same guy. Which makes this commercial… bisexual!

Double Anal Dildo Action in MMF Threesome With Two Bi Guys and a Girl

Most of us porn lovers have seen plenty of movies of two girls using a double dildo, or double dong as some like to call it. Hell, we even saw Jennifer Connelly do it in the notorious ass-to-ass scene from Requiem for a Dream (depressing flick, btw). However, when was the last time you saw two guys with a double dildo? Hmm? Check out this series from Club Bisexual which shows how a sexy plump blonde helps her two boyfriends get it on with precisely such a tool, and then gets banged by the both of them and ends up with cum on her mouth and tits! Awesome!

chubby blonde fucks two cute bi guys and helps them use a double dildo before getting cum all over her face and tits

Gay Twosome Turns Into Bi Threesome!

Another awesome video from Club Bisexual. Two guys, stroking and sucking are walked in on by a hot blonde who joins in, taking turns sucking their cocks and helping them fuck! Hot!

Gay Twosome Turns Into Bi Threesome!

Bisexual Holiday

Apologies for the erratic postings as we’ve been a bit tied up, on vacation and looking for some bi fun. We’ll be sure to let you know of our sexcapades in the coming weeks. In the meantime, here’s an idea of what we’re looking for.redhead forces two bi guys to suck cock before joining in herself

Homer Simpson Comes Out?


The publicity team behind “The Simpsons” movie, which premieres in the United Kingdom next week, has taken its marketing campaign to a whole new level — one that has enraged members of the British public.

A 180-foot-tall drawing of Homer Simpson has appeared on a hill in the English countryside, right next to the famed Cerne Abbas Giant, a well-known British landmark.

Glad someone homoeroticised it up a bit in the animated gif. Wasn’t there an episode where they talk about him being a “Homersexual”?

Full story here.

Crazy FFM Strapon and Dildo Combo with Bisexual Porn Star Titof

OK, it’s a guy with a huge dildo up his ass fucking a girl wearing a strapon fucking another girl. Awesome! A bit odd for a mostly straight site you’d say, right? Wrong. That’s because the multi-talented and very hot guy in this hardcore ffm threesome is none other than Titof, bisexual, one balled (yes, he’s got one empty sac) porn star from France. A true bisexual and a popular and recurring performer on Explicite, where he’s mostly fucking girls (though mostly in the ass), Titof has done both straight, bi and gay porn - over 800 films so far. Titof is an incredibly sexy guy who has also hosted a gay tv programme on French TV and had minor roles in mainstream arthouse films. And he’s all over Explicite.

titof porn star bisexual in strapon threesome with two girls

Who Loves Bi Guys? Girls Do!

I try to write each time I come across and instance of a woman expressing her interest in watching two guys get it on - and then joining in. Look, I don’t think this fantasy is that uncommon among women, so time to shed our inhibitions. As I said before if lesbian porn is considered ’straight’ why don’t we just drop the gay, straight and lez labels altogether and just go bi! As you can tell in this vid, this gal is very much enthralled by two bi guys getting it on proceeds to help out and join in!

one girl in a threesome with two bi guys

Aids Awareness and Condom Use Commercial

This gay version of a series of commercial to promote AIDS awareness and condom use is alternately touching, funny, and frightening. Brilliantly done, though and a bit depressing at times. Allegedly this is from France but the titles at the end are obviously in English so I’m not quite sure where they’re from, but what a great job.

Bisexual Men

Is it just me or is there more open talk about bisexual men these days? Let’s hope so. Here’s a forum thread from After Ellen that starts with “For women who are bisexual, if you were dating a wonderful guy who revealed to you that he was bisexual would his sexual orientation have any affect on how you felt about him?” Frankly, I’ve always said it’s a double standard, I mean whatever happened to David Bowie and bi guys chic? Once you’re done posting your reply, check out this preview vid from Bi Archive of a real bisexual threesome in action outdoors.

Bi Archive MMF Threesome with two bi guys and one girl including double blowjob and switch hitting action

Strip Spin the Bottle For Bi MMF Sex

Bimaxx, which has some of the most awesome bisexual video and picture sets seems to be on a kick with an adult party game theme lately and that’s FINE by us because we love that shit. The latest update says “Better than kissing, quicker than poker, this horny threesome just invented a new way to get a bisexual sex frenzy underway– Strip Spin-the-Bottle! The rules are easy, if the bottle points to you, you gotta take something off. What happens when everyone’s naked and still wants to play? Well then you have to lick, or suck whatever you want. And when does the game end? When everyone is coated in a nice sticky film of jizz.. Grab a bottle and play today!” Click on the pic to go to the preview page with trailers for many of these super hot episodes. And if you want to check out some real lo-fi strip spin the bottle stuff with real amateurs, click here!

Strip Spin the Bottle For Bi MMF Sex

Iran Likes Shemales - Get a Sex Change For Free!

Iran. The evil empire. But also, apparently, a land of contradictions. While homosexuality is punishable by death, apparently the Islamic Council has no problem with trannies and shemales and if you need sex reassignment surgery, the government will pay for it! Bizarre! Shemales were declared ‘halal’ (that’s the Islamic equivalent of kosher) way back in the bad old days of Khomeini (who rumour has it, had a few rather unconventional beliefs about other stuff sex related). Check out this totally insane news report and then head on here or here for some awesome shemale porn.

How often does a massage lead to sex? Or a bisexual threesome for that matter?

How often does massage lead to sex? How about a bi threesome? I don’t mean the ye olde “hand release” thing in the seediest part of Chinatown or Viet Town or Thai Town of whatever city you happen to be in. Massage therapists (reputable ones) will of course be the first to tell you that there is nothing sexual about a professional massage. True. But yet… if you’ve ever gotten a pro massage you may have felt a slight tingling you-know-where, even if the masseuse/masseur or whatever the proper term is, was of the same sex. I believe that’s why massage does resurface quite often in bisexual erotica and porn. As in this fantasy sequence… ah but a nice fantasy, isn’t it? Of course this has nothing to do with an AMATEUR massage in a non-professional setting, does it? In the latter case, all possibilities are open…

massage leads to bi mmf threesome with one chick and two hot bi guys

Bisexual Rebels!

Bisexuals are rebels, right? We rebel against convention and we’re proud of it. Now I do suppose that some foks are 100% heterosexual, but I’m more interested in a sliding scale, as in sliding in and out of… hmm, sorry. A little loopy today. Anyway, what’s the big symbol of rebellion? The dixie flag of course, which was used often not just in the South natch, but also in other countries, including Central Europe during the “Velvet Revolutions”, as in the great Czech nation (which I think produces more bisexuals than anywhere else, though that’s debatable). How thoughtful then, that the producers of “Bisexual Rebels” included that flag to hang proudly while this awesome bi MMF trio gets down to business. Hot chick and two hot guys. The best! Click on the box for the preview vids.

czech bisexuals in a bisexual threesome with one girl and two guys

Awesome Blonde Strapon Babe

Why does this girl look so damn good wearing that strapon? Wait til you see where that strapon comes into play.

We have some special surprises coming up in the upcoming weeks but enjoy this dirty threesome in the meantime. More tomorrow.

blonde babe has wild mmf threesome sex with strapon with two hot bi guys

Sex on the Pool Table

I think this is the first time we’ve wondered why sex on the pool table is so popular in porn but it certainly seems to be a recurring motif and I may be mistaken but it seems to be rather prevalent in bisexual porn, maybe even more so than other genres. We both like playing pool and we’re both bisexuals. Is it something in the brain chemistry that we don’t know about it? Or is the idea of all those sticks and balls and holes? Ha! Don’t know, don’t care, it’s awesome that it exists. And this vid is awesome!

two horny bi guys have a threeway on the pool table with a horny slut

Meet the Faggots!

Some comic relief for your Monday blues if you got ‘em. You learn something new every day. I don’t remember how I came across this rather old news article, and though I have heard of Spotted Dick and even seen tins of it in England, Mr. Brain’s Faggots and the Faggot Family was something I had never heard of before and knocked me flat on my ass. Not to mention that their last name is “Doody”. Enjoy!

Family of faggot fans fly the flag

The Doody family manufacturers of faggots

The Doody family hope to raise profile of faggots

A West Midlands family is playing a central role in the quest to raise the profile of a forgotten British dish - faggots. The Doody family from Wolverhampton has been crowned The Faggot Family in a national competition, and to kick off their reign they will launch National Faggot Week….

“The great British faggot is full of flavour and a great belly warmer at this time of year.”

More Truth or Dare

Here’s a teaser from that amateur site I was talking about with hot pussy licking and blowjob action! Remember, the players can’t say no to a dare, and that means when the girls are dared to lick pussy for the first time in their lives, they gotta do it. And they dive right into those juicy pussies and start licking away! But you also gotta see when guys are dared to give head! Hell, we’re up for a dare! Any suggestions?

real college amateur truth or dare game turns into a bisexual orgy

Truth or Dare Redux

It’s interesting that the latest update from Bimaxx speaks of a “truth or dare” game that gets the trio going in their MMF bisexual romp. That alsol got us thinking about the good folks over at Dare Ring, the real amateur truth or dare orgy site that we love so much. Which is better? Apples and oranges. We love both glam and down and dirty amateur stuff. We love the stockings and peek-a-boo bra on the girl in the Bimaxx threesome. And we love the naughty college kids in the buff at Dare Ring.truth or dare game turns into bisexual mmf threeesome with classy brunette and two hot bi guys

Best Bareback: Farnesz and Sveny

Feeling a bit on the gay side of the spectrum today, but hey that’s what being bi is all about. The reason? Discovering an awesome new site called Best Bareback! What’s so great about it? The boys! Awesome sexy swimmer bodies, completely shaved. And the passionate blowjobs and bareback anal sex. And the fact that these movies come HD quality. Let’s just say it turned me into a buy-sexual this morning.

Hot gay boys Farnesz and Sveny suck cocks and fuck bareback in gay HD video

Can’t decide between pussy or penis?

Then do what this guy does. Love it! That site has some awesome vids - check them out. BTW we absolutely LOVE the blonde in glasses.The part where they take turns licking the other guy’s asshole is AMAZING! BTW this one is with Jerry Zikes and Felippe Hrabik. It’s been a busy past few days but stay tuned, we’ve got a lot of hot stuff coming up!

blonde in glasses sucks two cute bi guys dicks and gets fucked and cummed on