Bisexuals are rebels, right? We rebel against convention and we’re proud of it. Now I do suppose that some foks are 100% heterosexual, but I’m more interested in a sliding scale, as in sliding in and out of… hmm, sorry. A little loopy today. Anyway, what’s the big symbol of rebellion? The dixie flag of course, which was used often not just in the South natch, but also in other countries, including Central Europe during the “Velvet Revolutions”, as in the great Czech nation (which I think produces more bisexuals than anywhere else, though that’s debatable). How thoughtful then, that the producers of “Bisexual Rebels” included that flag to hang proudly while this awesome bi MMF trio gets down to business. Hot chick and two hot guys. The best! Click on the box for the preview vids.

czech bisexuals in a bisexual threesome with one girl and two guys

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