Bimaxx, which has some of the most awesome bisexual video and picture sets seems to be on a kick with an adult party game theme lately and that’s FINE by us because we love that shit. The latest update says “Better than kissing, quicker than poker, this horny threesome just invented a new way to get a bisexual sex frenzy underway– Strip Spin-the-Bottle! The rules are easy, if the bottle points to you, you gotta take something off. What happens when everyone’s naked and still wants to play? Well then you have to lick, or suck whatever you want. And when does the game end? When everyone is coated in a nice sticky film of jizz.. Grab a bottle and play today!” Click on the pic to go to the preview page with trailers for many of these super hot episodes. And if you want to check out some real lo-fi strip spin the bottle stuff with real amateurs, click here!

Strip Spin the Bottle For Bi MMF Sex

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