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PALM SPRINGS — The world’s hottest men descend on the desert valley for an unforgettable weekend, in the most gorgeous spot on Earth! Grab your shorts and shades and get ready to celebrate the rites of spring as Jeffrey Sanker presents White Party Spring Break ’07, with three days and nights of legendary parties, April 6-9, in Palm Springs, CA.

So my neighbor, a filmmaker who used to be a model and worked at a gay bar in West Hollywood told me about this shindig that goes down every Spring Break in Palm Springs - The White Party (i.e. where the boys are). He told me about this a few weeks ago and when we planned to go Palm Springs for the weekend, I had no idea we were planning to go the very weekend this White Party happens, really. Mind you, it’s a VERY gay scene. And we will be there - well, close by. This party’s been happening for a few years now. I just hope there are guys walking around in tight bathing suits with the tip of their dick hanging out, as is the fashion in Miami, swear - I’ve seen it with my own eyes. And it is HOT!

Here’s some pics from last years party:

img_0656.gif wyndhampool.gif


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