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Here’s the latest news roundup.

1. June is Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgendered Pride Month. (Go ahead, click on these links, they’re not boring news articles :-)

2. New York State elected the first openly bisexual member of the state Legislature. (OK, so this is a real news article)

3. The new updates from Bimaxx are awesome! bisexual-threesome-mmf horny blonde plays with two bi guys and gets cummed on

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Advances are made with the most gracious of manners. There seems to be no pressuring, or desperate groping. Men are seen lining up along a gallery window that looks into an orgy room. They gaze in at the action on the other side of the glass and then at one another. One man is heard asking another man who leaves the jacuzzi with his girlfriend “Do you mind if I join you when you go to a room?” Read more…

Unbelievably hot. Too bad we live on the other coast from Miami. We’ll be sure to check it out next time we’re down in Florida though. In the meantime we can live vicariousy through the bi orgies and parties that happen at Bimaxx as is in the case right here!

bisexual guys and girls in a no holes barred bisexual orgy club party sucking cock, licking pussy and getting fucked

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We recently posted about an article in the Belfast Telegraph by a woman named Catherine Townsend, who was planning on setting up a bi threesome with her boyfriend and another guy. This week we find out what happened next. “They sat on either side of me on the sofa, and I started kissing James, then turning around to kiss the rugby player while James stroked my leg.

We moved to the bedroom and undressed each other. The rugby player had a stunning physique and was amazingly well endowed.”

I won’t tell you what happens next but maybe Catherine and her man should have met the rugby player out on the field like this amazing sporty trio from Club Bisexual! The train of a guy fucking a girl in the ass while getting his own ass fucked is pretty amazing.

Bi guys in MMF with a blonde fuck each other and her in the ass

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You may recall that a couple of months ago, Dolce & Gabbana had to pull their ad campaign which may have crossed some type of line a bit. We have no opinion about it but I recently saw a pretty interesting ad - possibly from the same pulled campaign that featured what looks like same sex activity in one room between two guys and two… mannequins? Or live women? Not sure. Regardless what you think of the ads, the models and the photography are fucking awesome, and the best place to see that kind of stuff - the hottest bi models and awesome photography - but with ACTUAL bisexual sex is only at Bimaxx. There’s also amazing ‘high production value’ (not to mention amazing girls and boys) over at the very talented John B. Root’s site). controversial dolce & gabbana ad of a bisexual foursome

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Looks like gay and bisexual news of the weird is all over the place this week. Today we learned that a certain Ali Humayun of Sydney, Australia, is really, really confused. But get this, he’s also a Christian.

“A MAN seeking asylum on the grounds that he would be persecuted as a bisexual Christian in Pakistan was denied refugee status because authorities ruled he was bisexual only as a result of being locked up with other men.”

Wait, there’s more. “At the time of his tribunal hearing, he identified as bisexual, but now said he was gay.”

Read the full article hereBisexual threesome with cops and army guys and girls. Tragic or funny, you be the judge (we’re cracking up as we write this) but maybe poor Ali would have been better off if he had a blonde pussy girl as one of the prison guards to help him out so he’d still stay nominally bisexual and not full out gay. But if he’s full blown, all the power to him. Maybe prison was just what he needed!

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