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Where’s the bisexual MMF porn, they asked recently in a article titled “Where’s all the Bi Guy Porn” on alt-sex blog Boinkology. To paraphrase Kyle McLachlan and Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet: It’s right here, Frank. Do you want me to bring it? NO I want you to fuck it! Shit yeah, bring the fuckin’ bi guy porn.

bi guy porn threesome

The chick in the middle holding two cocks looks and reminds me of me. But I digress. We found it interesting and great that there was more renewed interest in bi porn but thought the author lacked some key information. For one thing, the author wrote “you have scads of strange Europeanmovies that make the cliches of 80s porn look positively erotic.” Au contraire, mon frere! European bisexual porn is the best out there - the hottest guys and the most gorgeous girls. I think the reason for this is because European men are much more open to being bisexual; which also addresses your point about the prevalence of tranny porn in the American market but I’ll get to that in a minute. First of all, how can you possibly compare this sizzling bisexual action with the ‘cliches  of 80’s porn’? Come on! Surely you jest! These people are hot as hell, and everybody’s ass is up for grabs!

bisexual menage a trois

Another gorgeous brunette and two hot guys with beautiful cocks all licking, sucking and ass fucking. Can’t get better than that. OK, then the author goes on to say he wishes there was more “indie porn” with and for bi-guys. I get it now. Problem solved. Get thee to Straight Boys Fucking. Despite the title, these guys are very far from straight, and they’re all your indie, punky NYC kids that have no problem with sucking an occasional cock as long as there’s a girl involved. Which makes them indie porn bi guys, just as requested. Enjoy!

bisexual boys in brooklyn having a mmf threesome with a hot slutty girl who loves bi guys

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