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OK, we’ve been slacking, and that happens to everyone, even bisexual couples so forgive us. We’ve been rather busy lately with not only bisexual sexual activity but a bunch more stuff. Well, we haven’t been gone as long as the Danish Couple. Glad to hear that they’re back in full bi-force, btw! In the next few weeks we are going to revamp the site and make it more of a bisexual couples’ site to get together, shoot the shit, look at porn, fantasize, and hopefully make those bisexual fantasies a reality. So it’s cumming soon, guys and gals, just hold on to your respective or irrespective genitals! We recently discovered a new bisexual site called “Bi Porn Stars“which seems just in its infancy but is trying to catalogue all the guys and gals who do bi porn. A very worthy project if you ask us!

Bi Porn Stars, bisexual dating And Bisexland WILL Be Back!

Of course professional bisexual porn is awesome, and this site is building up the biggest resource of porn guys and girls who do it with both sexes, separately or together. There is of course lots to be said for wanna be porn stars and true amateurs. But both are good. So stay tuned, we are coming back in true bi force. BTW, this new site also has a live bisexual chat, maybe you can hook up with a bi couple, who knows? We haven’t been doing any bi dating lately but now that we’re in full swing we might!

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