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real bisexual amateurs play spin the bottle orgyI swear, the guys over at Darering are fucking geniuses. If you haven’t checked it out, get thee to Darering now! Lots of new bonus videos just added which include: naked twister (ok, maybe you’ve seen that before), strip poker (ditto), but how about strip spin the bottle? What about blowjob roulette? Not to mention the awesome bisexual male and female MMF, FFM, and moresome orgy action in the other games. And the best part, these are all real amateurs, my friends! One of the many things that makes this site amazing. Scroll all the way down to see the bonus videos we’re talking about.Strip poker, naked orgy with truth or dare games gone wild, real amateur lesbians and bicurious guys

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I don’t know where we read the interesting statistic that 40% of all actors in gay porn are actually straight. Well, I’m not sure how much that statistic makes sense or where it comes from. How about just calling yourself bi and letting it go at that, you ARE fucking a guy in those videos after all! There seems to be all sorts of new sites popping up that feature a variation on theme: gay guys fucking girls. Some call it straight porn for the gay guy, where the emphasis is on showing the guy having sex instead of the girl getting her pussy pounded. And you know what? It works! Something different, like DareRing though that one has more bisexual action. Still don’t get it? Check out Next Door Hookups.Straight porn for the gay eye straight porn for a gay audience bisexual bicurious video

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Wow, I think we got a little carried away with the strapons. Well, can you blame us? They’re fun! But of course the best part about a boy/boy/girl threesome or B/B/G or MMF threesome or whatever you want to call it, menage a trois with a twist, whatever, is of course sucking cock together or being on the receiving end, which are both awesome. Here’s a new fine vid from ClubBisexual featuring the very hot and nasty Annie Cruz (who also knows how to wield a strapon by the way). Our fav porn sites keep adding content left and right with each day, so check them out! We love how nervous the blonde guy is before he is encouraged by his girlfriend to suck cock. You gotta see how they’re making out while he’s fucking the other guy in the ass. And when she’s playing with herself as they spray her with cum? Awesome! Stay tuned because we have an interesting post coming up about who’s gay and who’s straight in the world of gay/straight/bi porn.Annie Cruz in Bisexual Threesome with two twinks and sucking cock together with another guy giving a bisexual double blowjob

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New stuff at ThreePillows every week of course. But we just totally love this photo. Not only is she a hot chick with a strap on dick, the look on her face is amazing - we love to see people having a good time with this stuff, as we do always. You gotta see the rest of this series!

Strapon Girl In the Pool

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We realized we have to start working out more. Problem is that it can be a little boring, although the gym definitely can be a very erotic place. Now if someone can point us out to where we can find a gym like this from Bimaxx, we’ll sign up right away! By the way, the new orgy and threesome content on Bimaxx is mindblowing especially the hot vid of the muscular long haired blonde stud fucking his buddy and a girl together, then pulling out his boyfriend’s cock out of the girl’s pussy to swallow a cumload! Amazing stuff, girls and boys!

two guys fuck each other and a hot redhead together during a bi mmf threesome in the gym

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What do you do when your strapon harness breaks? You improvise one out of whatever materials you have lying around, of course! Check out this horny strapon couple from Club Bisexual. Looks like they ’strapped this one together’ out of rope and a dildo. And it does the job pretty well, I must say. BTW we love the way chick’s asses look where the harness meets the bottom of the butt. Kind of like a jock strap but sexier!Guy sucking on a strapon and getting his ass fucked

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Looks like gay and bisexual news of the weird is all over the place this week. Today we learned that a certain Ali Humayun of Sydney, Australia, is really, really confused. But get this, he’s also a Christian.

“A MAN seeking asylum on the grounds that he would be persecuted as a bisexual Christian in Pakistan was denied refugee status because authorities ruled he was bisexual only as a result of being locked up with other men.”

Wait, there’s more. “At the time of his tribunal hearing, he identified as bisexual, but now said he was gay.”

Read the full article hereBisexual threesome with cops and army guys and girls. Tragic or funny, you be the judge (we’re cracking up as we write this) but maybe poor Ali would have been better off if he had a blonde pussy girl as one of the prison guards to help him out so he’d still stay nominally bisexual and not full out gay. But if he’s full blown, all the power to him. Maybe prison was just what he needed!

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We’ve talked about the bi-sexual openness of the Brazilians, the Czechs, and the Spaniards before. Now it looks like even stodgy old Northern Ireland is catching up, and in mainstream media too! Check out this hot editorial from Catherine Townsend of the Belfast Telegraph where she freely admits that a bisexual MMF threesome is what she’s always wanted. How awesome is that?

“He told me that he’d recently kissed a friend of his, a gorgeous rugby player who I’ve met, and thought about going further. I wasn’t sure how much I would be able to handle, but having two men has always been a major fantasy of mine – and picturing the two of them together got me hot…”

And this was in the equivalent of the LA Times Op-Ed. Damn! Read more here.

We’re hoping there’s a sequel next week where she let’s us know what happens with the threesome she has planned! Wow. Here’s a link to the full article in case the newspaper link goes obsolete.

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Does everything in the world have a wikipedia article or what? In case you’re not familiar with the term, male receptive strapon penetration has recently acquired the term “pegging”. You can read all about it’s history here. Well, we woke up feeling a bit peckish this morning. Maybe it was that tea kettle that got us thinking it’s time to strap on one soon. Inspiration was quickly found at Club Bisexual, where some of the new content got us rarin’ to go, especially watching this beautiful black girl fucking her boyfriend with a strapon.guy sucks chick's big black strapon

By the way, if you’re interested in Bend Over Boyfriend, which they talk about in that wikipedia article, you can check it out at Gamelink, and as we wrote before about video on demand, it’s a great way to check out a lot of content before committing to something specific (you pay for the minutes, not for one specific video - kind of like a phone card).


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Sometimes I get a little anal (*ahem*) trying to find the names of the guys and girls in some of these videos. Some internet research helped us find Felippe Hrabik, but who is the blonde guy on the cover getting all this attention from a brunette couple in this flick? The cover says it stars Jerry Zikes, but I don’t think that’s him. More research is in blonde guy in threesome with brunette couple

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