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Looks like gay and bisexual news of the weird is all over the place this week. Today we learned that a certain Ali Humayun of Sydney, Australia, is really, really confused. But get this, he’s also a Christian.

“A MAN seeking asylum on the grounds that he would be persecuted as a bisexual Christian in Pakistan was denied refugee status because authorities ruled he was bisexual only as a result of being locked up with other men.”

Wait, there’s more. “At the time of his tribunal hearing, he identified as bisexual, but now said he was gay.”

Read the full article hereBisexual threesome with cops and army guys and girls. Tragic or funny, you be the judge (we’re cracking up as we write this) but maybe poor Ali would have been better off if he had a blonde pussy girl as one of the prison guards to help him out so he’d still stay nominally bisexual and not full out gay. But if he’s full blown, all the power to him. Maybe prison was just what he needed!

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We’ve talked about the bi-sexual openness of the Brazilians, the Czechs, and the Spaniards before. Now it looks like even stodgy old Northern Ireland is catching up, and in mainstream media too! Check out this hot editorial from Catherine Townsend of the Belfast Telegraph where she freely admits that a bisexual MMF threesome is what she’s always wanted. How awesome is that?

“He told me that he’d recently kissed a friend of his, a gorgeous rugby player who I’ve met, and thought about going further. I wasn’t sure how much I would be able to handle, but having two men has always been a major fantasy of mine – and picturing the two of them together got me hot…”

And this was in the equivalent of the LA Times Op-Ed. Damn! Read more here.

We’re hoping there’s a sequel next week where she let’s us know what happens with the threesome she has planned! Wow. Here’s a link to the full article in case the newspaper link goes obsolete.

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