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As much as we’re fans of hardcore bisexual porn, we also love porn that’s bi-curious, meaning amateur content like Dare Ring. The great thing about that stuff is that in a first time threesome that just may turn bisexual, slightly or majorly, you don’t just start having a triple penetration if you’re a guy and though you’ve fantasized, you’ve never even had a penis in your mouth. That’s why it was a delight to discover “Straight Boys Fucking.”

first time threesome bisexual porn

The name of the site is a little misleading because there’s a lot of threesomes and moresomes from their selection of bi-curious movies that definitely feature bi play and let me tell you, it’s really hot! Things start off slowly between the guys, maybe first touching the other guy’s dick, then a little kissing and then pretty soon the cock is in your mouth and you’re actually doing it, sucking a penis, and your girlfriend is getting totally turned on.

bi curious threesome porn turns bisexual

The absolute genuineness of these scenarios are so real, it makes for an extremely erotic viewing experience because it shows exactly what a first time delving into bisexuality and bi threesomes is like! A+! Oh yeah it also features hot chicks and sexy, skinny New York rocker type hipster guys who are very cute.

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